The Love Island UK 2024 cast is looking hotter than ever - here's when and where to watch in NZ
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What's Good

The Love Island UK 2024 cast is looking hotter than ever - here's when and where to watch in NZ

They're bringing the heat - litterally!

‘Love Island UK’ is back and might just be hotter than ever before. With season 11 about to hit screens, we’ve got the deets on when and where we can watch it in NZ.

This year we can watch the romances and bromances for free on TVNZ+. Yep, we’ll be getting all the eps for free - a MAJOR bonus for our struggling bank accounts rn!

So while we gear up for another season of sexy singletons looking for love, we might as well get familiar with the OG cast. 

And what better way than by ranking the Islanders' first impressions based on how much of an ick we felt? From least to most, obvi!


Ciaran Davies

A self-proclaimed romantic, Ciaran says he likes “to go above and beyond”. Is your heart fluttering yet?

Mimii Ngulube

“If I’ve got the brains and the beauty, what more do you need?

Harriett Blackmore

“My friends would describe me as a very sparkly person. I’m always the centre of attention and always up for fun.”

Patsy Field

“I’ve got the flirty energy.” - Get it Kween!

Samantha Kenny

“It’s love Island, not ‘Friendship Island’...”

Samantha says she’s very confident and flirty, so she’s defs going to be one to watch out for.

Jess White

“My best feature is my boobs and I should hope so because I paid a fortune for them.” Honestly, we’re here for the honesty!

Munveer Jabbal

“I’ll put my friendships to one side and I’ll come out on top” - a confident King, mkay!

Sean Stone

“I’m funny, I’m good-looking, I’ve got the whole package.”

Sean's after “10/10s only.” 

Ayo Odukoya

“I’m not competitive when it comes to dating because I’ve never really had competition.”

His type is “brunette and a nice bum”. Why? Because a nice bum is “what makes the boys go crazy”... enough said?! 

Nicole Samuel

“I always get what I want”

“I’m in the gym every single night, all I think about is getting my bum massive!” Welp, we know who would be keen on that! 

Sam Taylor

This guy chose to be a hairdresser so he could chat to girls… uhhhhm ick, ick, ick!!

Ronnie Vint

“I’m a boob man.” Yep, that’s his lead and you know what… I think we’re just gonna leave that one there.

Now we’ve met them all, reckon you can suss who’ll be coupled up with who?! I guess we’ll find out when the first episode premieres on June 5th.