From swapping numbers to an arrest: The 4 wildest moments from NYC and Dublin's portals so far
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From swapping numbers to an arrest: The 4 wildest moments from NYC and Dublin's portals so far

So we're finding love through the portal now?!

People in the US and Ireland are now connected 24/7, leading to some wild moments and even one arrest. 

For those who don’t know two portal art installations were installed in New York City and Dublin, linking the two on what is essentially a 6-month long Facetime call.

These giant circular screens record both sides of the world for people to interact with each other randomly on the street - although there's no sound, so people have gotten creative with communication.


Friends use the portals to reunite

How adorable are these two long-distance friends who managed to see each other through the portal? It's the jump and wave for me!

Dance-off between NYC and Dublin

A man from Dublin challenged a New York kid to a dance-off with impressive shuffling skills.

Quick on his feet, the kid showed off his moves right back, sparking an official battle.

Bet you can’t say you’ve competed in a dance-off with a total stranger from a different city. 

Another person on the New York side couldn't resist showing off their moves. Footage set to a lyrical version of Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ shows a bouncing split that would put dancers from both countries to shame!

Getting arrested at the Dublin Portal

Within just three hours of the portal opening, a video of a Dublin woman getting arrested did the viral rounds. 

While the reason for her arrest isn't publicly known, some claim she mooned the New York side. TBH, a 24/7 portal does seem the place for this sort of behaviour to go down, but for now, we’re probably going to believe the others who are saying that she was just blocking the view of the portal for her fellow Irish peeps.

People have been hilariously reacting to the arrest with one TikTok user saying: “I'm genuinely surprised Dublin got the first arrest lol. fully expected NY to take that one home 😂.”

“ngl Dublin is probably the WORST place you could put that thing 😂😂😂,” said another.

While a third joked: “The Irish, Irishing..”

Love at first portal

Alongside reunions of long-distance friends and family, love stories are also unfolding. 

Two people managed to exchange numbers with the help of strangers on each side by signing in front of the portal.

I’d love to see an update on whether these two have kept in touch since.

What else is to come from these things in the next 6 months? Who knows, but hopefully no more arrests, right?