Red Bull’s launched a new limited edition Winter flavour and idk if it's the vibe or not
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Red Bull’s launched a new limited edition Winter flavour and idk if it's the vibe or not

but i'm not gonna say no to it

Red Bull’s rolled out their annual limited edition Winter flavour for 2024 and it's giving more candle vibes than energy drink. 

That’s not a diss on it, it’s just a little strange as a drink flavour. Tell me I’m wrong: The new flavour is ‘Pear and Cinnamon’. See what I mean?

An Edge office worker said the flavour is "nice and not too strong in cinnamon," adding that it "tastes similar to feijoa."

If you’re as curious as me about it, you can buy a can in supermarkets and select dairies but only until they run out, hence ‘limited edition’. 

If you’re up for some sober mixology, Red Bull shared a cheeky mocktail recipe you can make with the new drink’s “tasting notes of pear, orchard fruits, and subtle cinnamon.”

You just chuck 0.5 oz of ginger syrup, 0.5 oz of lemon juice and 2.5 oz of apple juice in a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake that thing. Pour it into a glass filled with ice and then pour a can of the new Red Bull edition over it. Yum!

It’s not the only new drink that’s hit Kiwi shelves in recent times. Last week it was announced that the US frat boy’s favourite RTD will finally be in Aotearoa

White Claws, the world’s biggest RTD brand, are already floating around the country in three different flavours. 

Of course, you don’t have to drink anything you don’t want to (apart from water, of course). If you wanna drop caffeine drinks for good, a few Kiwi schoolkids have crafted an alternative that could help you.

Six lads from Timaru's Mountainview High School whipped up Crave - a caffeine-chewing gum that not only gets you energised, but also has your breath smelling fresh. 

Now, if they release a pear and cinnamon flavour, the non-caffeine drinkers wouldn’t be missing out on anything.