Heartland's launched ‘mousetrap’ chips and two other Kiwi Fav flavours so hello childhood
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What's Good

Heartland's launched ‘mousetrap’ chips and two other Kiwi Fav flavours so hello childhood

but they lowkey didn't even get it right...

One of Heartland’s new chip flavours comes straight from an 8-year-old’s Saturday morning tea and I can’t believe no one else did it before them.

The Timaru-based chip brand has included a ‘Mousetraps’ flavour as part of their ‘Kiwi Fav’ range, alongside ‘Roast Pork and Apple Sauce Roll’ and ‘Apricot Chicken’. Yup, the marmite and melted cheese Kiwi delicacy is legit now in chip form. 

Although, it may not be as nostalgia-inducing as we hope. The flavours listed are ‘bacon, cheese and onion’. A distinct lack of the iconic black-coloured, yeast spread! It better still taste good. 

The other two sound pretty interesting for a chip flavour, but I’m defs most intrigued by the Mousetrap. Other people in Heartland’s comments either want to give them all a go or absolutely none of them. 

“Wow!” wrote one person. “Will definitely be looking out for these in the supermarket. May have to get one of each, just to try them all because I can't choose which one to start with!”

“OMFG,” said another. “I’m soooo getting those flavours - they all sound yummmmy.”

“Interesting,” a third added. “I will have to try. My favourite winter meal is roast pork and apple sauce.”

“These sound truly awful,” one more said, adding a very specific request. “Yet Roast Beef & Mustard flavour seems beyond your abilities.”

Timaru has been on fire this week. Not only with the chips but now a group of students have launched a supercharged alternative to your morning coffee or energy drink fix.

Kids from Mountainview High School invented Crave, a chewing gum packed with caffeine. 

Looks like I’m gonna have a few mid-morning Mousetrap chips and avoid the smelly breath and afternoon crash by chewing on some gum.