White Claw RTDs are officially coming to NZ - here’s all the deets and how to get them early
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What's Good

White Claw RTDs are officially coming to NZ - here’s all the deets and how to get them early

The ICONIC wave is hitting Kiwi shores!

The world’s biggest RTD brand, White Claw, is hitting NZ shores this month, and we've got all the juicy details!

Yep, the iconic white and black cans are on their way right now, and a few are already floating around the country.

You might’ve already seen them in the hands of Kiwi singer Paige Tapara, who got to give one of the first cans a sip.

She even used a can to lay down a pretty catchy beat that we’re definitely gonna need her to release soon, but I digress.

Made with sparkling water and “balanced with a pure alcohol base,” the drinks are all under 100 calories each. Hitting NZ shelves will be three fruity flavours - Lime, Mango, and Raspberry.

The comments went wild with Kiwis begging to find out where they could get their claws on a can, and DB Breweries, the official White Claw crew in NZ, heard y’all loud and clear.

“We have underestimated the excitement and speculation the arrival of White Claw would cause amongst New Zealanders,” says DB Breweries Senior Marketing Manager, Cormac van den Hoofdakker.

That’s why they’re popping up a store called ‘First Wave’ where you can get your mitts on one of the first packs before they hit NZ shelves in late April.

First Wave will be located at 242 Broadway in Newmarket, Auckland for just three days from April 5th - 7th.

Good vibes are promised with “a resident DJ on the decks, a ‘Claw and Win machine,’ and a bunch of chill-out zones to kick back and enjoy your first sip.”

The catch? There will be a strict limit of one pack per person, and I think it goes without saying that this one is of course for peeps 18+.

"I've tried the new White Claw drinks. They're pretty good,” says Paige. “I have been waiting for it to come to NZ for a while, and I’m excited we finally have it!"

White Claw blasted onto the scene in the U.S. back in 2016 and has since become a staple American bevvy, spotted in the hands of major celebs, influencers, and even on the big screen.

The rest of NZ will be able to grab a pack when they finally drop in bottle shops later this month.