Sorry Wellington locals - we found five amazing hidden bars that we can't keep secret anymore
What's Good
What's Good

Sorry Wellington locals - we found five amazing hidden bars that we can't keep secret anymore

One with a secret bookcase to one with a peacock staring at you.

Our capital city prides itself on having a bit more taste, class and style than the rest of the country. Even with all those trendy fits on the pedestrians walking around, this may be hard to truly feel, let alone find, without knowing where to look. 

That's why we've got this little list of speakeasy-style bars that are tucked away, hiding their amazing vibes from the ragtag tourists visiting. Sorry to the Welly locals, but these are just too good to keep secret.

Wellington Hidden Bars


Down Chews Lane, off Willis Street, is a bar with a hidden bookcase that makes you a cocktail based on your 'vibe'. When I was there, I heard someone tell the bartender they wanted "the approval their father never gave them” and saw them handed an empty drink in return. Classic.

The drinks are great too and if you don’t like the one they craft you up, they’ll make you another free of charge. There’s also a drinks menu and a kitchen with famous Te Matuku oysters. 

Goldings Dive Bar

Located near Leeds Street Bakery is one of the best American dive bars there is in Wellington, and possibly all of NZ.

Goldings’ walls are plastered with stickers and memorabilia which are perfect to distract you from someone’s bad chat as you drink one of their great craft beers. 

Jaya’s Wine Bar

On Bond Street is the opposite of a dive bar specialising in beer: A family-owned wine bar called Jaya's.  It's so nice and quiet and comfy that I genuinely considered starting my own book club there. 

Their menu is made up of all New Zealand wines - apart from two - and there’s also a yum food menu with wine matches.

KuiKui Lane

Up a Victoria Street alleyway is the gin and cocktail bar KuiKui Lane. Every single thing they sell is sourced in Aotearoa. 

The bubbly staff made me an incredible espresso martini which I thoroughly enjoyed sipping in their lowkey and luxurious feeling little bar. 


Hidden by a hotel lobby is Puffin on Ghuznee Street. It’s famous amongst Wellingtonians already, and not just because of the walls lined with taxidermied animals.

The drinks are incredible and it’s a very 60s throwback bar - you can picture men in suits puffing cigs all day in this joint. The outside area is a cosy and skinny alleyway which feels truly tucked away. 

No more gatekeeping!