Turns out MAFS AU's Lauren Dunn knew Jonathan was DMing Ellie BEFORE Tori dropped the bombshell
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Turns out MAFS AU's Lauren Dunn knew Jonathan was DMing Ellie BEFORE Tori dropped the bombshell

Lauren actually asked Tori to spill the cheating scandal during the Commitment Ceremony...

MAFS AU 2024’s Lauren Dunn has confirmed she knew more about her onscreen hubby Jonathan McCullough and Ellie Dix‘s texts before THAT Commitment Ceremony bombshell was dropped.

ICYMI - Lauren was blindsided when Tori Adams spilled that Jono had been DMing Ellie “every 3-4 days” behind her back.

But then, Jack Dunkley dropped a major bomb, saying Lauren knew all about it BEFORE she and Jonathan even sat their bums on the couch.

He told HIT’s Allan and Carly: “The exclusive is that Tori actually asked Lauren out the back, ‘I’ve got this information. What do you want me to do with it?’. And Lauren asked her to bring it up at the Commitment Ceremony.”

However, Lauren has now confirmed that the most controversial MAFS groom of the season was “actually telling the truth”. Can you believe we're actually writing this?

“What happened was, we went to the Commitment Ceremonies right? Two people share a taxi to the Commitment Ceremony and we’re not meant to discuss things about the show on the way,” Lauren explained to HIT. “But obviously, Lucinda and Tori were discussing this.”

Lauren added: “Tori and Lucinda pulled me aside and we had producers all around us and they did tell me… but once this happens, you’re filming a television show and it’s something so huge, it needs to be discussed while we’re filming.”

Turns out she only found out about the texts just minutes before walking into the Commitment Ceremony.

However, she later revealed to Daily Mail Australia that her emotional response was partly due to issues in her previous relationship before joining the experiment.

“It triggered old things that happened in the past. So I was really emotional about it,” she explained.


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Now Timothy Smith, who exited at the last commitment ceremony, has jumped in to defend Jono against the cheating accusations.

"I'm going to give you a bit of tea. I read all those messages, he didn’t delete any of the messages.”

In an interview with HIT's Bronte and Lakey, Timothy said: "I am going to defend my good buddy Jono a bit here.” 

"In all respect, he called me, I called Ellie, I called Stephen, when people go off the show, they want to stay in touch,” he added. “You went through all this trauma together, that's how you bond. So look, I'm going to defend it a little bit.”

With the season’s last dinner party tonight and final vows looming, it looks like we’re going to have to watch this space to find out whether there’s a future on the cards for Lauren and Jono.