'He would flat-out lie': TWO of Jono McCullogh's exes reveal why his whole 'nice guy act is BS'
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'He would flat-out lie': TWO of Jono McCullogh's exes reveal why his whole 'nice guy act is BS'

“He’s not as nice as he’s making out to be.”

After last night’s explosive AF final diner party, TWO of Jonathan McCullough‘s exes have alleged he’s more ‘"toxic" than he appeared on the show.

During the experiment, we got to know Jonathan as quite a quiet, likeable personality, but according to his former flames, he's actually a "condescending control freak”. YIKES!

ICYMI - The reunion dinner party revealed a whole new side of Jono as he flaunted his romance with Ellie Dix, despite sneaking behind Lauren's back with hundreds of texts during the experiment.

The lovebirds gushed over each other, showing ZERO empathy for their exes. They sat cracking up as the room erupted into chaos over their alleged affair.

As it turns out, the behaviour we saw last night didn’t come as a shock to his exes.

“He wasn’t great,” one of Jono’s ex-girlfriends told So Dramatic! about their relationship that was called quits two years ago.

“He’s playing a good guy, but he isn’t. The whole nice guy thing is BS. He’s toxic AF.” 

“I hate the way he is being portrayed when he is nothing but a condescending control freak,” she claimed. “He’s not as nice as he’s making out to be.”

Apparently, texting other women during his relos is a regular practice for the groom.

“When we started dating, he had a girl living with him who he said was like a sister,” she recalled.

We’ve all heard that one before, right ladies? 

His ex continued: “It was like three months in, and he finally told me they used to sleep together and date.”

“He would secretly message her our whole relationship too, So he’s not grown up or worked on himself since we broke up.” 

She added: “When we were together, he would lie to me flat-out and then say he couldn’t remember, just like he did to Lauren.”

Another woman who dated Jono says she was surprised he landed a spot on the show after his ‘weird behaviour’ during their time together.

She revealed she went out with the groom in April 2023, alleging he was "extremely homophobic" during their date.

Recalling another moment that felt like a red flag, she said: “He has family in Queensland but moved in with his business partner and that guy’s wife and small child, which I thought was weird.”

“I don’t remember a whole lot else. Honestly, I found him boring and kind of weird, so I’m surprised he got on the show,” she added. “He was actually nice enough, just a bit boring.”

Welp, Jono has definitely shown us a different side of himself as of late and we’re definitely going to be SAT to see what the experts have to say about his and Ellie’s behaviour last night.