Snagged Auckland Fred Again Tickets? Check if you'll get a good view from your Spark Arena seat
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What's Good

Snagged Auckland Fred Again Tickets? Check if you'll get a good view from your Spark Arena seat

The people on this website have done the hard yards.

Manage to grab a ticket to one of Fred Again’s Auckland Spark Arena shows? You can actually figure out just how good of a spot you’ve got. 

The website has pics that will show you the view you’ll have of the UK DJ when he plays his shows on the 26th and 27th of March.

Let’s be real, absolutely NONE of us were concerned about what tickets we got and where they were in the stadium. Now though, we're looking at Section 16U Row RR and wondering where the heck we've ended up sitting.

Luckily, many Spark Arena goers who have attended before us have documented the view from their seats in the stands, meaning almost all angles and areas are covered, and you can see just what kind of view you'll get of the stage.

If you’re in section 18L, your spots have been rated 5 stars by the absolute stunner of a punter that is 'Franny82', and you can be pretty sure you're in for a fab time.


Fred usually performs both in the middle of his arena shows on the floor and on the main stage, so hopefully, no matter where you are in the stadium, you get a good slice of the action.

Just one hour after announcing his Auckland shows, Fred took to Instagram to announce that his Spark shows will be the “last arenas [he’s] gonna play” while on tour.

Fred’s Insta post comes after days of speculation about whether he would be making a stop in NZ after spending two weeks playing surprise gigs over in Australia.

The hype trains for NZ shows kicked into gear yesterday when Fred posted a series of subtle hints pointing towards his arrival in Wellington.

"This is the most obvious thing ever, but OBVIOUSLY this is not the end," he said on his IG story after leaving Aussie. "Going back to one of our favourite places."

After a few hours of silence, he shared an IG story with a Fat Freddy's Drop song playing. Soon after that he was photographed at Welly airport with fans and announced he would be playing in Wellington

Before that there were leaked tour schedules, deleted Instagram posts and just a WILD hype train following his every move online. 

And it was ABSOLUTELY worth it for all the Welly and Auckland peeps heading along to any of his three NZ gigs.