Here's how to get amongst the HUGE Niall Horan fan project going down at his Spark Arena show
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Here's how to get amongst the HUGE Niall Horan fan project going down at his Spark Arena show

Let's make his NZ show a memorable one!

Calling all Niall Horan fans! If you’re gearing up for tonight’s concert at Spark Arena and want to catch the eye of the ‘Slow Hands’ singer, there’s a plan to do just that.

A fan project is going down the show and we’ve got all the deets thanks to Kiwi fan account @loveforniallhoran.

Here’s what you need to know about the Niall Horan New Zealand fan project!

The action is set to kick off during his hit tune ‘This Town’.

The idea you ask? It’s pretty straightforward, actually. The fan account is organising for the whole stadium to honour Niall’s home colours - the Irish flag. 

All you have to do is hold up your phone screen with a certain colour corresponding to where you are in the stadium and BAM, we’ll wow Niall with a fully lit stadium.

SOURCE: @loveforniallhoran on TikTok

Unlike other fan projects that involve wrangling with paper pieces, this one is a breeze. Simply download an app to brighten up your screen during the song.

If you have an iPhone you’ll need to download the free app ‘Screen Light Colour’ and ‘Screen Flashlight’ for anyone using a Samsung/Android.

For iPhone users, download the free ‘Screen Light Colour’ app, and for Samsung/Android users, snag ‘Screen Flashlight’.

The only tricky bit is nailing the right colour, but don’t fret! The fan page has posted a handy tutorial to ensure your screen shines bright and catches Niall’s attention from wherever you're seated.

If tech isn’t your strong suit, no sweat, I’ve got your back. Check your ticket and snap a screenshot of your designated colour below:

GREEN - anyone facing the right of the stage. This includes 20U-23U and 20L-23L.

ORANGE- anyone facing the left of the stage. 13U- 16U and 13L - 16L

WHITE - anyone facing centre stage. From 17U-19U and 17L-19L.

GA/Standing - Take your pick of the three colours, darl!

If you wanna know when you can expect to light up your screen in the stadium, check out the expected setlist along with everything you need to know ahead of the concert here!

We’ve got one shot at this, team, so let’s make it a night Niall won’t forget here in NZ!