Fred Again tickets for his Wellington Waterfront show are on sale NOW - here's how to grab them
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Fred Again tickets for his Wellington Waterfront show are on sale NOW - here's how to grab them


UPDATE: Tickets have now sold out.

Fred Again FINALLY announced he is touring in New Zealand. FOR REALSIES!

For now, it's confirmed the DJ will be playing one show at Wellington's Waitangi Park on the 22nd of March starting at 4:30 PM. Tickets are available on Ticketek now.

You can only grab 4 tickets in one go, so pick your mates wisely, lol!

The waiting room is known to be a bit of a punish, so here are some tips that might help you get through easier:

  • Don’t close or refresh your browser. Sit tight and wait to be let through to the buying page. The page refreshes frequently to automatically let more fans through to purchase and make the purchase process as smooth as possible.
  • Once you’re through, watch the timer in the top right-hand corner of your browser and complete your purchase within the time frame.
  • Have your Ticketek account details and credit card ready as you’ll need these to complete your purchase.

"This is the most obvious thing ever, but OBVIOUSLY this is not the end," he said on his IG story after leaving Aussie. "Going back to one of our favourite places."

After a few hours of silence, he shared an IG story with a Fat Freddy's Drop song playing. Soon after that he was photographed at Welly airport with fans and announced he would be playing in Wellington. 

The Waitangi Park stage he's performing on is located near Te Papa in Wellington and was used for Homegrown.

The news comes after weeks of speculation, which started when Fred posted a scene from 'Lord Of The Rings' to his Insta story and became very real when he announced a surprise Sydney show at the Opera House just days after. 

Then, there were leaked tour schedules, deleted Instagram posts and just a rowdy, rowdy hype train. But now, finally, we're effing ON!!

Fred was meant to play at Auckland's Laneway festival in 2023, but that got canned due to the floods. Instead, the DJ headed down to Welly to play chess and pull off a surprise gig at Shed 6. 

More to come.