‘This is WILD’: Jonas Brothers video call NZ singer Paige after she campaigns to open for them
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‘This is WILD’: Jonas Brothers video call NZ singer Paige after she campaigns to open for them

Is it FINALLY happening?!?

Kiwi singer Paige is about to live out her wildest dreams after the Jonas Brothers confirmed they want her to perform with them in New Zealand. 

The 'Waves' singer and die-hard 'Camp Rock' fan first caught the attention of Joe Jonas back in August last year when she shared an acoustic version of his song 'Gotta Find You' on Instagram. 

Joe fired back with a single "👀" reaction, and since then Paige has not given up on shooting her g-damn shot

Now, in a plot twist worthy of a Disney movie, she's revealed the Jonas Brothers not only personally video-called her, but showered her with praise and invited her to jump on stage with them when they come to NZ later this month. 

Paige uploaded a clip of her nerves as she found out she was about to jump on a Zoom call with the Jo Bros.

"I cannot believe it. I used to imagine things like this happening when I was 9 years old," she wrote alongside the vid. SAME SIS, except she's now lived it.

Kevin, Nick, and Joe appear on her screen, immediately praising the Kiwi singer: "We've seen many of your videos. You're so talented."

Nick asked how long Paige had been singing and writing her own music. And in a full-circle moment, Paige revealed she was inspired by the Disney Channel movie 'Camp Rock,' which stars the three brothers.

"We love to perform [Camp Rock songs] live, and this last tour we just did, we didn't get much opportunity to sing full versions of these songs cause there wasn't a person to accompany them," Joe said.

"We're curious if possibly you're free at the Auckland show to hop up on stage and sing along?"

With some classic Kiwi humour, Paige responded: "I'll have to think about it... Yeah, I would LOVE to."

"Thank you guys. This is wild. I'll go cry in a sec," Paige ended the call full of emotion.

So, that's it. It's FINALLY happening after a long journey and multiple attempts at grabbing her idol's attention, Paige will be joining the Jonas Brothers during their 'Five Albums. One Night' tour at Auckland's Spark Arena!

I guess she better start brushing up on the massive 60+ song setlist!