Paige NZ Joes Jonas

Joe Jonas hinted he might wanna duet with Kiwi singer Paige on NZ tour and she's freaking out

"I would actually be FERAL if I had Mitchie / Shane Gray moment."

Kiwi artist Paige is aiming for the stars, and by stars, I mean the Jonas Brothers' upcoming 'Five Albums. One Night' tour at Auckland’s Spark Arena on February 27th 2024

We’ve all imagined living our childhood dreams of being pulled up on stage with one of the Jo-Bros to sing a song from ‘Camp Rock’ and falling madly in love. 

Yes, okay, they’re all wifed up and thriving, but a girl can still dream and that hasn’t stopped Paige from taking matters into her own hands.

She pitched her dreams directly to the Jonas Brothers through the most efficient way any Gen-Z can think of - Instagram, duh!

She uploaded a video to her Instagram account to create a whirlwind of excitement: "You guys already KNOW how sick this would be. Tag the Jonas Brothers y’all 🥹 I would actually be FERAL if I had Mitchie/ Shane Gray moment," referring to the hit Disney original movie 'Camp Rock'.

"I have loved you since the beginning of time! I specifically am a Disney channel STAN and I would absolutely die if you let me sing a song with you when you come to New Zealand next year." 

Paige then kicks into an acoustic version of the iconic Joe Jonas song 'Gotta Find You'.

In just under an hour, the Jonas Brothers' own Joe Jonas reacted with a single "👀" on the video. 

Paige responded with a very relatable meltdown: "Guys…… joe…..??? I’m PANICKING." 

Seriously, we'd all be losing our g-damn minds, too!

SOURCE: @paigesspace on Instagram

With her heart racing, Paige has since taken to her Instagram Stories to share her pure shock and a few tears at the singer noticing her video. 

"This is another formal message to the Jonas Brothers... I know you've seen it. Is it happening? Are we doing it?"

I guess we'll have to wait for any more comments of confirmation from Joe, Nick and Kevin, but all of our fingers and toes are crossed for Paige to live her Camp Rock moment on stage next year. 

To find out more about ticket sales and concert details check it out here!

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