OMG: The Jonas Brothers' 'Five albums. One Night' set list includes a whopping 69 songs
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What's Good

OMG: The Jonas Brothers' 'Five albums. One Night' set list includes a whopping 69 songs

Catch me bopping this playlist for the next 6 months!

The Jonas Brothers kicked off their mega world tour with a bang and you can bet your dancing shoes all eyes were glued to viral videos all over TikTok. 

The question we've all been wondering is what magical tunes the JoBros had up their sleeves, and oh boy, did they deliver!

Nick, Joe and Kevin are clearly on a mission to serenade the world. They're not just singing songs, they're delivering a musical marathon of all five of their albums!

We're talking nearly 70 songs crammed into three hours of non-stop, heart-pounding entertainment and thanks to some superfans, we've found a playlist of the whole anticipated setlist.

Here are all the songs we can expect the JoBros to play when they perform right here in NZ:

  1. 'Wings' (Instrumental)
  2. 'Celebrate!'
  3. 'What a Man Gotta Do'
  4. 'S.O.S.'
  5. 'Hold On'
  6. 'Goodnight and Goodbye'
  7. 'That’s Just the Way We Roll'
  8. 'Still in Love With You'
  9. 'Australia'
  10. 'Hollywood'
  11. 'Just Friends'
  12. 'Games'
  13. 'Hello Beautiful'
  14. 'Jersey'
  15. 'Inseparable'
  16. Take a Breath'
  17. 'When You Look Me in the Eyes'
  18. 'Year 3000'
  19. 'Summer Baby'
  20. 'Vacation Eyes'
  21. 'Sail Away'
  22. 'Little Bird'
  23. 'A Little Bit Longer'
  24. 'Can’t Have You'
  25. 'Sorry'
  26. 'BB Good'
  27. 'Shelf'
  28. 'Got Me Going Crazy'
  29. 'Video Girl'
  30. 'One Man Show'
  31. 'Pushin’ Me Away'
  32. 'Tonight'
  33. 'Lovebug'
  34. 'Burnin’ Up'
  35. 'Americana'
  36. 'Summer in the Hamptons'
  37. 'Waffle House'
  38. 'Montana Sky'
  39. 'Miracle'
  40. 'Fly With Me'
  41. 'Hey Baby'
  42. 'Poison Ivy'
  43. 'Much Better'
  44. 'World War III'
  45. 'Don’t Speak'
  46. 'What Did I Do to Your Heart'
  47. 'Paranoid'
  48. 'Turn Right'
  49. 'Before the Storm'
  50. 'Black Keys'
  51. 'Jealous'
  52. 'Cake by the Ocean'
  53. 'Walls'
  54. 'Comeback'
  55. 'Rollercoaster'
  56. 'Strangers'
  57. 'Used to Be'
  58. 'Cool'
  59. 'Trust'
  60. 'Every Single Time'
  61. 'Happy When I’m Sad'
  62. 'Don’t Throw It Away'
  63. 'Love Her'
  64. 'Hesitate'
  65. 'I Believe'
  66. 'Only Human'
  67. 'Sucker'
  68. 'Leave Before You Love Me'
  69. 'Remember This'

And in case you want to get in the mood and know each song front to back, there’s a whole playlist you can jam right up until their concert at Auckland’s Spark Arena on February  27, 2024.

Phew, that's quite the musical journey, isn't it? 

The Jonas Brothers are out here making sure we get your money's worth. With nostalgia, surprises, and non-stop it's seems like it's going to be an epic night. 

To find out more about ticket sales and concert details check it out here!

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