Joe Jonas just teased Kiwi singer Paige AGAIN about opening their NZ tour & we're freaking out
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Joe Jonas just teased Kiwi singer Paige AGAIN about opening their NZ tour & we're freaking out

Can someone check on Paige ASAP plz!

Joe Jonas is teasing Kiwi artist Paige and, well, the whole of NZ with his latest shenanigans on Insta.

After shooting a shot at her childhood dream of performing alongside the Jonas Brothers back in August last year, Paige got a response from Joe freaking Jonas himself.

ICYMI - In just under an hour, the Jonas Brothers' own Joe Jonas reacted with a single "👀" on the video. 

It left us all kicking, screaming and crying. What the eff does 👀 mean?!?!

After months of silence, the Jo-Bro has returned to the comment section to toy with the idea.

With their  'Five Albums. One Night' tour at Auckland’s Spark Arena on February 27th, there isn’t much time left for Paige to get her answer. 

So, she once again used the power of the internet to convince Nick, Kevin and Joe to get her on that goddamn stage.

In an attempt to convince the Jonas Brothers to let Paige open for them in Auckland, Paige gives her five reasons as to why she backs herself.

1. “I have gone to three radio stations to talk about this Jonas Brothers campaign. It’s marketing this show, bringing in ticket sales” - Low-key geeking over our shoutout in the vid, but we’ll move on.

2. “Although I am a BIG Jonas Brothers fan, I can sing.” 

Paige has a few supporting acts under her belt. We’re talking George Ezra, Clinton Kane, Holly Humberstone and let’s not forget Six 60’s stadium tour for THREE years in a row!

 3. “There is a 95% chance that this won’t happen, which means there’s a 95% chance that I’m humiliating myself publicly in front of the whole world. Which means if this does happen it means it’s going to give people hope to go for whatever they wanna do.”

4. "Do you see anyone else trying as hard as I am?"

5. “Do you really want to crush a little girl's dreams?” That one was personal.

Now, not to make anyone panic, but Joe just commented “❤️❤️❤️” an hour ago…

Our hearts are racing out here! Does this mean they’re working on fulfilling our gal's dreams?? We simply need answers.

In the meantime, can someone check on Paige ASAP, please? Are you okay gal?!