Crying at cows and channelling spirits: We can't look away from Maddy's latest MAFS AU meltdown
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Crying at cows and channelling spirits: We can't look away from Maddy's latest MAFS AU meltdown

“What was that man? What the f**k?!”

‘Married At First Sight’ AU bride Madeleine Jevic had us all confused after her bizarre breakdown over a herd of cows and yet again interrupting a convo with her on-screen hubby Ash Galati to talk to spirits. 

During the couple’s honeymoon, the former actress-turned-psychic medium lost it at a bunch of cows in a field feeling immense regret for eating beef for dinner the night before. 

Maddy burst into tears as she suddenly turned vegetarian and said: “'Oh god. Just no more eating f***ing animals, like, f***!”

Ash, bless him, tried to fix the awkward sitch, saying: “At least we didn't eat these ones, they are still there.”

“Seeing the cowies, the cow-cows is like seeing my dog, and I wouldn't dare to eat him, so I won't dare eat these beautiful creatures again,” Madeleine added.

Look fair enough, we’re here for a vego kween, but the sudden change in heart was a little odd.

Ash was left scratching his head over the overwhelming emotion and beef ban considering she had eaten meat the night before.

“I'm very confused by the tears. I don't know how you can go from eating meat one day to crying the next, but she seemed really upset about it.”

He added: “I don't know what is going on, it's quite hard to make sense out of some of these things.”

That’s not the only moment that left Ash in udder confusion (utter... udder... you get it!).

Maddy had a psychic episode during their dinner date. She began “downloading” messages from her spirit guides, leaving poor Ash questioning his life choices. 

Closing her eyes to communicate with the other side about her new hubby, Ash watched on wide-eyed and a little fearful.

“Sorry they're talking to me now, I love you,” Maddy said. “They don't like me doing this. I love you, hold on.”'

After she stood up from the table, Ash whispered to himself: “What was that man? What the f**k?!”

This all comes after Maddy’s WILD behaviour on her wedding day caused the OG MAFS couples and fans to question whether she’s legitimately on the show to find true love, or a ‘producer plant’ to stir up some drama.

Safe to say everything we’ve seen so far has been out the friggin’ gate and we can’t wait to see what she does next in tonight’s ep!