Collins Christian, Jack Dunkley and a few wildcards: MAFS AU 2024 Stars Who Were Actors IRL
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Collins Christian, Jack Dunkley and a few wildcards: MAFS AU 2024 Stars Who Were Actors IRL

Not me losing it at Collins' hair-loss ad

‘Married at First Sight’ Australia is off to a wildly hectic start. We’re talking drama, secrets and shocking confessions all coming to light in the first two weeks.

So, let’s pause to give the producers a round of applause for absolutely outdoing themselves with the incredible casting this season.

As with every season before, there's rampant speculation about which cast members may consider the experiment more of an acting gig than a shot at love.

 It turns out not one, not two but FIVE members of the cast have appeared in TV ads, interviews and one is even an actress on the hit Aussie show 'Home & Away'.


Collins Christian

If you’ve seen any shot of Collins so far this season, you could probably draw some resemblance to your year 11 drama exams. 

Those exaggerated gestures, those theatrical expressions – is this guy for real, or is he just auditioning for a sequel to his hair loss ad from 2022?

But despite the rumour mill swirling at full speed, Collins confirmed to Aussie radio hosts that he is NOT a planted actor.

Jack Dunkley

The sus-o-meter went off the charts when news broke that Jack broke up with his ex just to land a spot on the show. He’s been perfectly set up to be this season's biggest controversial groom and has been dubbed the ‘worst villain’ to appear on the show ever, according to Daily Mail Australia.

Surprise, surprise – turns out Jack might have some background in acting, voice acting and working in a production crew.

PEDESTRIAN.TV did some detective work and uncovered his StarNow actor profile online. Yes, headshots are included and yes, they’re giving 2010s grungy Tumblr boy.

Tristan Black

It also seems Tristan has dabbled in the world of acting. His StarNow profile was also found with experience in voice acting, acting and crew work.

Ben Walters

Tour guide by day, podcast host by night, and rumoured Bachelor contestant according to So Dramatic!. He's not exactly an actor, but he sure knows his way around a TV camera.

In 2019, the tour guide appeared on Aussie news show Today, urging tourists to stop climbing Uluru rock before closing the area to climbers.

Maddy Jevic

SPOILER ALERT: Before MAFS 2024 even aired, Maddy was revealed to be joining the cast after fans spotted her at Sydney’s Skye Suites. 

The not-so-secret ‘Home and Away’ star is set to sneak onto the show as an intruder without anyone noticing her acting background. That’ll be interesting!

Inside sources have dished that other ‘MAFS’ cast members from this upcoming season believed early on that Maddy is a ‘mole’ hired to stir the pot on the show.

Instead, she apparently said her occupation was being a psychic/medium - I bet no one saw that coming!

Whether they’re actors or not, they’re for sure bringing some great entertainment to our weeknights. Bring on the next dinner party already.