Google NZ just revealed Kiwi's top 'how to' searches for 2023 plus a bunch more juicy data
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What's Good

Google NZ just revealed Kiwi's top 'how to' searches for 2023 plus a bunch more juicy data

My search history defs has a few of these!

The last 12 months have been a wild ride. From epic sports events to celeb goss and even navigating the how-tos of life, New Zealanders got their fingers tapping in the search bar.

Remember when Kylie Jenner declared 2016 as "the year of just realising stuff"? Welp, 2023 is here to top that - IYKYK.

Google NZ has shared all the wild things Kiwis searched for this year, and I know I searched for more of these than I’d like to admit. 

Note: The search results are ranked by how many times they were Googled this year compared to 2022.

You know how I said there were some searches I was guilty of… Well, here’s where I come clean. I have searched ‘how to get rid of my AI on Snapchat?’, but you probably did too after that creepy af moment the robot put a pic up on its story - seriously, wtf was that?!

The top ‘how to’ results Kiwis searched for in 2023:

1. How to vote?
2. How to lock a Facebook profile?
3. How to watch the Rugby World Cup?
4. How to deactivate Facebook?
5. How to solve a Rubik's cube?
6. How to get rid of my AI on Snapchat?
7. How to say happy Matariki?
8. How to register to vote?
9. How to watch the Women's World Cup?
10. How to find Matariki?

I wouldn’t believe you if you told me Andrew Tate (bleugh) would rank higher than MOTHER Taylor Swift, but here we are…

The top international celebs Kiwis searched for in 2023:

1. Posie Parker
2. Andrew Tate
3. Taylor Swift
4. David Beckham
5. Harry Styles
6. Prince Harry
7. Margot Robbie
8. Jeremy Renner
9. Elton John
10. Ed Sheeran

Here in NZ, we’ve got quite the list of successful Kiwis, but it seems our Golfing stars came out on top with Ryan Fox and Lydia Ko both placing in the top five.

I’m ngl, I did need to search Ryan Fox while writing this, so I might’ve just contributed to his results for next year too, lol!

The top New Zealanders Kiwis searched for in 2023:

1. Ryan Fox
2. Israel Adesanya
3. Liam Lawson
4. Lydia Ko
5. Dai Henwood
6. Shaun Johnson
7. Rachin Ravindra
8. Simon Barnett
9. Sam Whitelock
10. Michael Boxall

After a massive year of Sporting events, we defs got behind backing our very own. From co-hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the All Blacks making it to the final of the Rugby World Cup, and, of course, hearing “up the wahs” blurted out of almost every Kiwi mouth, is it any shock looking at the top three results?

The Top Sporting Events Kiwis searched for in 2023:

1. Rugby World Cup
2. FIFA World Cup
3. NRL Ladder
4. Cricket World Cup
5. Warriors vs Broncos
6. All Blacks vs Ireland
7. ASB Classic
8. Ashes
9. All Blacks vs France
10. Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

It was a HUGE year for movies with the Barbenheimer trend taking over our FYP on TikTok, but only one flick could rank the highest in Nzers Google searches. 

The top Movies Kiwis searched for in 2023:

1. Oppenheimer
2. Barbie
3. Avatar
4. Everything Everywhere All At Once
5. Guardians of the Galaxy
6. John Wick 4
7. The Menu
8. Sound of Freedom
9. Puss in Boots
10. Glass Onion

We all love a good binge-watch sesh, but what shows were Kiwis having an extra geez at this year?

The top TV Series Kiwis searched for in 2023:

1. The Last of Us
2. Ginny & Georgia
3. The Night Agent
4. Daisy Jones & The Six
5. Wednesday
6. Queen Charlotte
7. Succession
8. Beef
9. White Lotus
10. The Idol

Whoah, what a year in search that was! Shout out to 2023 for providing the good, and here’s to what 2024 has to offer.