'We Love The All Blacks': Steph's tribute song to our team after the RWC Final
The Edge Afternoons
The Edge Afternoons

'We Love The All Blacks': Steph's tribute song to our team after the RWC Final

One of the great parody songs about one of the great teams.
31 October 2023 5:10PM

For all you grieving All Blacks fans out there, Steph has penned a song to express how a lot of us are feeling 🏆 We love the All Blacks!

Check out the video below as well as the full lyrics.

A wet night in Paris at Stade de France,

Only one can win the Webb Ellis Cup.

ABs in the final, Fozzie's last goodbye,

Against the Spring Boks, but it went awry.

A yellow for Frizell, falling on a leg,

Sam Cane's card upgraded, yellow to red.

Aaron Smith's try removed from the score,

Kolisi's card stays yellow, ref are you sure?

The TMO guy sure has a lot to say,

With his slow-mo screens, looking for foul-play.

Wayne Barnes says penalty was a mistake,

But awards the three points anyway!?

Hold on, play that back,

These decisions don't make sense and it makes me really mad.

Oh, I want Wayne to get the sack,

The TMO guy too, yeah that would make me glad.

So close I feel so ill, so I'll blame the men with the whistles

Coz we love, The All Blacks... blacks blacks blacks.

I wanna key his car,

The TMO guy,

Does anyone know,

What car he drives?

I wanna serve him bad,

chicken on a plate,

So he has diarrhoea,

for 24 - 48 (hours)

Wanna spill a drink,

on his stupid suit,

Then make it stained,

With some beetroot.

Wanna smash all his screens,

in that TMO room,

Wanna ruin his

Halloween costume.

I think the reffing's slack,

It's the World Cup final and it shouldn't be this bad

Wayne Barnes giving a flashback,

To the '07 quarters, making calls that were mad.

Win or lose, they'll always be, winners to you and me, we really...

LOVE THE ALL BLACKS... Blacks blacks blacks.

The refs though... we don't love them...

We love the All Blacks.