Here's where to watch the two new 'Love Island' shows in NZ to get your double dose of drama
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Here's where to watch the two new 'Love Island' shows in NZ to get your double dose of drama

Plus, we've got all the inside goss from 'Love Island AU' and 'Love Island Games' Callum Hole.

'Love Island' is working OVERTIME to bring us a double the romance, bromance and drama with the Islanders this month.

'Love Island Australia' and the brand new 'Love Island Games' are both hitting our screens today, but they're running on different streaming platforms.

So, which one will you watch first and where can you watch 'Love Island' here in NZ?


Fan-favorite contestants from all over the world are coming together for the first international spin-off of the show. Players from the UK, US, Germany, France, Aus, and Sweden are all uniting to compete for a cash prize of $100k!

The show promises: "romance will meet reality as favourite Islanders are faced with both team and couples' challenges, all while navigating dating, eliminations, recoupling, dramatic arrivals, and new competition twists and turns like never before."

A familiar face returning is the bombshell contestant Callum Hole from 'Love Island Australia' Season 4.

He had a chat with our very own Clint, Meg, and Dan from Edge Breakfast about all the behind-the-scenes gossip that goes into the show.

Callum shared the difference between Love Island Games compared to the OG Love Island series we know and love. "The big difference is, obviously, the people in this new season already knew each other. So, when there's drama in there, it's proper drama, because you're not just going behind a guy's back that you've known for like two days, you're going behind your friend's back that you see every weekend."

Explaining the difference in concept, Callum says: "Typically, you've got a couple who stay together, and you'll get voted out by the public; that's the same. However, the challenges are a lot more challenging - they've got more weight."

"The couples have to do challenges, and if you lose, the bottom two couples are vulnerable."

OH MY EFFING G, this sounds juicy, and I'm totally here for it! You can catch 'Love Island Games' six nights a week starting on the 2nd of November on TVNZ+.


And if you're wanting an extra dose of romance and drama, a whole new season of Love Island Australia is kicking off at the exact same time.

Hosted by the gorgeous Sophie Monk, this season has promised to be "extra spicy".

According to Nine: "There's a variety of singles looking for love, including one a Love Island UK star and another who was the secret ex of a controversial Married At First Sight groom..."

From today, you can catch 'Love Island Australia' season 5 at 3 pm on Thursdays-Sundays on Neon.