From slick to ICK: Ranking the 'Love Island Games' returning Islanders on their cringe intros
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From slick to ICK: Ranking the 'Love Island Games' returning Islanders on their cringe intros

Islanders from all over the world are coming together for this latest spin off!

‘Love Island’ is working OVERTIME to bring us new shows left, right and centre. Between the OG UK summer and winter series, we’ve been treated to US and AU versions this year and now there’s a bloody ‘Love Island Games’ set to kick off next month.

Yup, fan-favourite contestants from all over the world are coming together for the first international spin-off of the show. Players from UK, US, Germany, France, Aus, and Sweden are all uniting to compete for a cash prize of $100k!

Despite being a brand new concept, there are a few familiar faces returning to our screens, and we’re not sure whether to scream with excitement or curl into a cringe ball at their first looks back.

So, what better way to introduce the cast than to rank their opening lines by how much we wish they closed their mouths?

From best to worst - Here are the Islanders returning for ‘Love Island Games’:

Jessica Losurdo – “I’ll do whatever it takes to win. If I have to play dirty, I’m gonna play dirty”

The Aussie IDGAF kween is returning with a fire in her belly, and I respect it!

Johnny Middlebrooks – “This time around Imma give it my heart. But I’m going for the money”

We love an honest man! Let’s just hope there’s no split or steal at the end, cuz I have a feeling Johnny just might dash with the dosh.

Toby Aromolaran –  “I want number one, not second, not third, not fourth, I want number one!”

FUCK IT UP, I guess.

Callum Hole – “I’ve got what it takes to win the challenges if they’re like physical, but if they’re like just about being smart, I’m fucked.”

Not only am I giving points for Callum’s accent, but we love that he’s real about not being the sharpest tool in the shed, lol.

Georgia Steel –  “I love everything that comes with love. My heart is open”

G is officially entering her lover-girl era. Honestly, we’re just glad she didn’t mention the other L-word - LOYAL!

Courtney Boerner – “It would be so fun to fall in love with somebody who’s not from America”

Pfffft, that is GOLDEN! We love that she’s honest. 

Jack Fowler – “There is flavours from all corners of the earth in one villa”

I mean, despite pointing out the obvious, we’ll give it to Jack for bringing the, ahem flavour.

Mike Boateng – “It’s gonna be explosive”

Short, but impactful! Can I get a repeat on EX-PLO-SIVE plz and thank you?!

Eyal Booker – “I’m going in looking for the full package, right?”

The monotone of it all is giving CBF!

Imani Wheeler – “If I want something I’m gonna get it”

Said every bombshell ever, before becoming the ultimate girl’s girl. I don’t trust it…

Liberty Poole – “I’m definitely gonna give it my all”

Genuine question - Does Liberty actually know what’s going on? The confused side eye to producers just seemed a lil off.

Curtis Pritchard – “This time it’s a whole ‘nother ball game”

As much as we love Curtis, he didn’t give us much to work with here. 

Cely Vazquez – “I’m back whether you like it or not”

What does that even mean?

Deb Chubb – “Let the games begin”

CRIIIIINGE - 2+ points for energy, though.

Ray Gantt – “I look good right?”


Zeta Morrison – “Let’s do this”


Aurelia Lamprecht – “I’m so ready for the games”


Megan Barton-Hanson – “Get me looking hot and get me some six-packs I can touch”

I can’t deal with how cringe it is to think that Megan will be drooling all over the lads in the villa - Let’s hope she keeps away from Callum, cause he will FROTH that.

Mitch Hibberd – “Let’s hope the girls like an Aussie accent and can get down under”

I simply can’t with Mitch, just something about the way he says down under is an ICK! I’ve never wished to un-hear something so bad. 

Fingers crossed when it all kicks off on November 1st, we'll be able to watch it on our screens here in NZ, I'll keep you updated as soon as we find out.