New study reveals the name that's the male version of 'Karen' and turns out they're way worse
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New study reveals the name that's the male version of 'Karen' and turns out they're way worse


Karens have had it rough lately. They've become the name for anyone who complains, is strict and even just annoying. Now, though there's a male name for that kind of carry-on. 

Trustpilot, a review site that began in 2007, flicked through its archives for the name that has left the most complaints and negative comments.... and that name is David. Davids all around the world love a little tanty apparently, as people with that name have left 20,020 one-star reviews. 

Paul and John are in second and third place - each respectively leaving 19,562 and 18,632 comments with the lowest possible rating. 

Next on the list is: Chris, Mark, James, Sarah, Steve, Michael and Andrew. 

As we can see, it's the fellas doing the majority of the complaining. I’m sure ‘Karen’ will stick as the go-to term for an over-aggressive complainer but just know that she’s nowhere close to the number one nagger - she's not even in the top ten, instead, Sarah is leading the charge for the ladies. 

At this point, there are more Karens Karen-ing online than in real life. Rolling Stone recently published an article with the headline: “We’re in the Midst of an Epidemic of Fake Karens”. 

They found that footage of middle-aged white women acting unfairly aggressive towards minimum-wage workers is so popular online that accounts stage Karen-ings to gain views and engagement. 

An IMDB page was even found for one viral video of an unvaccinated character Karen having a meltdown on a plane. 

“Most of these videos are fairly easy to peg as inauthentic,” Rolling Stone wrote about the fake Karen videos.

“There are a few telltale markers: the unusually good sound quality, the absence of bystanders in a public setting like a mall or restaurant, meandering back-and-forth dialogue, and they rarely depict men, even though guys are presumably just as likely to engage in sh*tty or ultra-entitled behaviour as anyone.”

Now we know that last point is true. Perhaps this means we are about to scroll into an ‘epidemic’ of videos with a guy named Dave screaming at the bar staff at a sports game.