Hear how this gal got 'violently humbled' by her Hinge date and a pimple
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Hear how this gal got 'violently humbled' by her Hinge date and a pimple

Some are calling it a 'green flag', others think it was crazy!

Imagine going on your first Hinge date and all is going well, and then BAM they ask to pop one of your pimples. That's exactly what happened to 20-year-old Canadian Beca Michie.

She immediately took to TikTok after the date to detail what happened while tears streamed from her eyes. 

"I just went on a date and I got violently humbled by the guy. He was looking me in my eyes and I was like 'OMG he's gonna say I'm so pretty', but he looked at me and he said, 'Can I pop that?'"

But what shocked people even more was that she actually let him do it!

To explain more about the encounter, Becca told NeedToKnow: "This guy was the first guy I had ever met up with from Hinge in the US."

Normally she would just have a "mindless scroll", without actually committing to any meet-ups.

Though there must have been something intriguing about this man to go on a breakfast date, stroll around the park and then feel comfortable enough to let him squeeze a pimple in public. 

Despite the pimple-popping, Becca hyped her date up, calling him "a lovely human".

Beca even admitted she returned the favour by popping his spots during their third date together, so I guess they can call it even now.

People online could not get over the date confession and hundreds of people were quick to comment on their reactions.

Some reckon it was a "green flag" and he could possibly be "the one" for Beca.

One comment read: "That's true love right there. Should appreciate such a sweet gesture."

"Marriage material," another added.

But others weren't as impressed with the, ahem, intimate question.

"Ok you're beautiful and he's just socially awkward like Jesus dude… what was he thinking," one person wrote.

Another joked: "Bro skipped straight to the married phase." 

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry but this is so funny but I'm so sorry," a third reacted.

Sadly, though, like all good things, the relationship fizzled to an end. Though she enjoyed the dates, Beca and her pimple-popping prince decided to call it quits. 

And as for Beca, well, she's hanging up her dating app hat for a while - can you really blame her?