An Aus TikToker found Skims bodysuit and dress dupes at Kmart - but are they available in NZ?
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An Aus TikToker found Skims bodysuit and dress dupes at Kmart - but are they available in NZ?

“Kmart, you have no right to slay this hard.”

The K in Kmart could be about to take on a whole new Kardashian meaning because they're selling some fire SKIMS dupes.

Islah - an Australian influencer who goes by @kmartfever - found “Skims dupes” in her local Kmart. She tried the bodysuit and dress on and I’m no expert, but it looks like the real thing. 

“SORRY?????” she wrote in the caption. “Kmart, you have no right to slay this hard.”

I did some digging and the bodysuit and dress she tries on in the video are, currently, not available here in New Zealand. Islah tried on the 'Sleeveless Luxe Cami Body Suit' and 'Sleeveless Luxe Maxi Dress', neither of which show up on the Kmart NZ website.

Don't worry, we've hit up our Kmart contact to ask when we can expect them here and we'll update you ASAP with the answer. 

But never fear gals! There are a few of these magical dupes already lurking in your local Kiwi Kmart, such as the ‘Sleeveless Halter Bodysuit’ which looks nearly identical to the ‘Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit’ Skims offers (and is $100+ cheaper). 

Skim’s $96 ‘Fits Everybody T-shirt’ and Kmart’s $12 ‘Short Sleeve Luxe T-shirt' are also twins. 

Obviously, there will be differences in quality between the two brands but there’s a cost of living crisis going on so, if you cop a Kmart dupe, no one should judge you. 

The retailer has offered Skims-like clothing before. Earlier this year, the 'seamfree bodysuit' was grabbing the attention of international buyers. Just ask British content creator Ellie Young, who took to TikTok to showcase her results with the viral shapewear. 

In the clip, Ellie starts by putting on a pair of snug jeans. “This is without the body suit,” she says while showing the little room between her waist and the jeans.

To prove her results can be trusted, Ellie kept the same pair of jeans in the shot “to prove a point”.

No smoke and mirrors here.

The final results with the body suit are wild! The shapewear appeared to have cinched Ellie's waist leaving a noticeable difference.

Get in there and get snatched, but hopefully, the place is in better nick than one NZ Kmart store that went viral for being really, really gross