People are FROTHING for this Kmart NZ dupe 'identical' to a $250 jacket worn by Hailey Bieber
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People are FROTHING for this Kmart NZ dupe 'identical' to a $250 jacket worn by Hailey Bieber

Don't mind if I dupe!

Dupes are on the rise and Kmart is fully onboard the train with a wayyy cheaper version of an expensive branded jacket seen on the likes of Hailey Beiber.

With the colder months making their presence noticed, we’re refreshing our wardrobe with all the layers to keep us toasty. And while money is on the tighter side atm, we’re not needing to drop the ball on our fashion game.

Kiwis and Aussies are losing their minds over a replica jacket from Kmart that looks dead similar to Free People’s ‘Hit The Slopes Fleece Jacket’.

SOURCE: Free People

The biggest difference? The price. While the American brand sells its fleece for a whopping $250 NZD, Kmart’s Active Womens Sherpa Button Jacket is almost a tenth of the price at $30. Ka-ching!


And while the Free People Jacket is made from 100% polyester, Kmart claims to have a mix of polyester, teddy fleece and sherpa fabric.

Honestly, it’s giving the same vibes as the I.AM.GIA jacket that was SUPER popular in 2016, and I’m not mad at it.

An Aussie Insta posted a comparison of the two jackets and people are forthing it.

“Omg, it’s identical,” said one.

Another said: “Don’t need this jacket, but do I want it? Yep.”

“I think this might be an ‘add to cart’ piece,” added a third.

It’s not the only time Kmart has slayed the game with a dupe. Remember when their version of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS went mega-viral last year?

Aussie influencer - @kmartfever - was a legend and didn’t gatekeep the “SKIMS dupes” from us. 

“SORRY?????” she wrote in the caption. “Kmart, you have no right to slay this hard.”

Could be keen on a cheaper version of Prada sunnies, Kmart are you listening?!