What your chaotic 2010s fashion choices from Supré, Valley Girl and Diva say about you
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What your chaotic 2010s fashion choices from Supré, Valley Girl and Diva say about you

Grab your galaxy leggings and zip earrings - we're throwing it right back!

During the early 2010s, New Zealand shopping witnessed a wild era dominated by absolutely ICONIC stores for the teeny-boppers aka the ‘twelvies’.

We’re talking Supré, Valley Girl, Diva, and Factorie. Ringing any bells?

The fashion statements on the racks of these stores had us in a style chokehold we are now living to regret, but defined our generation.

SOURCE: @bri_snaps on Flikr

From galaxy-themed leggings to spiky earrings and ‘fat pants’, these brands raised us and taught us some valuable lessons. And what I mean by that is, I will never be going near another Aztec print EVER again.

So without further ado, let’s take a trip on the memory bus with our $20 pocket money and have a wee look at some of the most iconic and chaotic fashion choices we made and what they said about you.

Galaxy leggings 

If you wore your galaxy legging with some chunky Dr. Martens, you were 100% thriving in your Tumblr girl era. You now can’t live without your emotional support drink bottle, and that is A-okay because most of us are in the same boat.

Coloured Skinny Jeans

The trendsetter of the group. If you were bold enough to rock a pair of bright red skinny jeans with a graphic tee of a band you had never even heard of, you absolutely gave zero f**ks about what everyone else was wearing and probably still don’t - get it, I guess!

Muscle Tees

Y’all know ‘I’m not like the other girls’ has left your mouth trying to get your ins with your intermediate crush and have absolutely no shame about it. The original ‘pick me gals’ rocked a graphic muscle tee with a quirky image or quote to mix things up a lil. 

I am said gal - insert Sophie circa 2012 - YIKES!

Supré bag

The OG basic bish! Look, we all thought it would be a good idea to rock up to school with the reusable bags that would tatter within a matter of days, but who cared? We would be buying another coloured spaghetti strap singlet off THAT circle rack on the weekend anyway. 

And when they changed the colour of the bag, all hell would break loose if you were rocking an old style. We were really out there acting like these things were the latest Birken.

SOURCE: Trademe.co.nz

Valley Girl 

Speaking of basic B’s, if you shopped at Valley Girl, you definitely thought you were the it-girl with a capital I-T. You loved watching ‘Glee’ and once you were in, you stuck with what you knew. 

Your wardrobe now consists of 90% Glassons and you’ve definitely considered running a dress rental hire biz with your gal pals.

SOURCE: Westfield Mt Druitt on Facebook

Diva - Spikey/ Zip Earrings

You were a wild child through and through, if someone told you ‘no’, you took a step back and said “watch me”. 

You frothed a bit of coloured hair chalk, dabbled in some DIY coloured ombré and Avril Lavigne was your jam! 

Factorie - ‘Fat Pants’

Factorie ‘fat pants’ were a staple for both the guys and gals in the 2010s. The OG F-boys knew they’d have everyone after them. Ladies, we transitioned real quick from the sk8r skirts to our comfy era, and that is where we have stayed. 

These pants only travelled in groups with a frozen Coke in hand. If you wore the maroon ones you were top sh*t and you knew it, too.

SOURCE: @syarilsyazzy on Carousell

You’re probably an athleisure stan now and will only dress up when required - honestly, fair!

Welp, that was a time in our lives we hold onto with love, but also many, many regrets. 

RIP to all the iconic fashion statements of the 2010s, but that is one era that I pray will never see the light of day again and I’m sure I’m not alone on that one.