Is this New Zealand’s grossest Kmart store? Viral TikTok exposes grotty shoppers
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Is this New Zealand’s grossest Kmart store? Viral TikTok exposes grotty shoppers

Attn shopppers: pls confirm if you can now shop in peace!

Ah, Kmart – the beloved haven of budget-friendly treasures, where one can walk in with the intention of buying just one thing and walk out with a trolley full of homewares and an empty bank account. 

But hang on to your baskets, folks, because it appears that even the retail heavens can be tainted by a few grotty shoppers. 

Yep, brace yourselves for the most ‘disgusting’ Kmart store in New Zealand, and it’s in none other than the mighty Hamilton aka ‘The Tron’.

Unfortunately for the Waikato-based store, an Instagram video highlighting the not-so-fab state of the place is going viral and it’s, ahem, rank af!

Imagine walking into the store only to be greeted by empty shelves that resemble a ghost town. Not to mention the artistic shoppers who seem to have taken it upon themselves to dabble in a little ‘shelf-tanning’, leaving behind green-toned blotches.

But wait, there's more! As if fake-tan smudges weren't enough, you'll find an array of discarded fast food containers and cans of beverages scattered throughout the store. 

SOURCE: @st3llavswrld on TikTok

So, the burning question: Whose responsibility is it to rescue this Kmart from the depths of retail ruin? Are the gross customers solely to blame, or are the staff expected to clean up in aisle chaos?

Some are quick to blame the staff, with one writing: “I never let my warehouse stationary get like this, none of our staff in my store do. My manager would be furious if he walked through the store and found it like that!”

Though many came to the defence of Kmart, adding that they had never seen it in such a terrible state.

Others clearly blame the shoppers as one commenter says: “So sick of the people leaving stores like this, learn how to behave.”

“Why are people so darn dirty and disrespectful to stores and their products? Of course staff don't want to clean that shit up. Be a better human,” another added.

While a third echoed: “Sad people are so disrespectful if you treat people’s stuff like that,  must say so much about your character.”

Come ON guys let the Hamiltonian’s enjoy their Kmart binges in cleanliness and comfort!

Just as we'd give side-eye to someone leaving litter on the side of the road, the same courtesy should be shown in stores. 

So next time you think about abandoning your rubbish on an empty shelf, maybe channel a smidge of Marie Kondo. 

Seeing as this revealing vid was taken a month ago we are sure it’s in better nick now.

After all, who wants to endure the shame of being dubbed the most disgusting Kmart store in NZ? Not The Tron, surely!