Cop trades bracelets at Taylor Swift concert in Detroit
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Cop goes viral for adorable Taylor Swift bracelet trade with 7yo Swiftie at 'Eras Tour'

Swiftie cops > regular cops!!

A police officer has gone viral for his adorable interaction with a young Taylor Swift fan as she was heading into the ‘Eras Tour’ concert in Detroit.

Seven-year-old Scarlett Wood found herself face-to-face with the friendly policeman wearing a collection of colourful friendship bracelets.

As she joined the line to enter the concert, Scarlett noticed people trading bracelets with the officer, so naturally, the young Swiftie wanted to be a part of the bracelet-swapping fun.

The sweet interaction was captured by Scarlett's family who quickly shared the sweet moment on TikTok.

Before she could even ask to do a trade the policeman crouched down to Scarlett’s level offering up one of his many beaded bracelets for Scarlett to pick.

But choosing just one proved to be quite the challenge.

Showing amazing patience the officer decided to give Scarletta helping had in making her decision. 

After taking a quick glance at Scarlett's dress, he cleverly suggested she opt for a purple bracelet to match her outfit. Delighted by the suggestion, Scarlett happily agreed, solidifying her newfound friendship with the officer.

Commenters flooded the post, expressing their love for the adorable exchange. 

One user gushed: "Well, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!" 

Another couldn't help but question the officer's relationship status: "I just wanna know if this man is single because, OMG, my heart melted!"

While a third noted he was showing “the greenest of flags”.

The tradition of swapping friendship bracelets has gained major popularity among Swifties, seemingly influenced by the lyrics "Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it" from Swift's song ‘You're On Your Own Kid’. 

This heartwarming encounter between Scarlett and the policeman not only became an amazing memory, but also a great example of the positive impact a single act of kindness can have.

Note to self: Start making friendship bracelets for the Aussie ‘Eras Tour’ shows asap!