'Is this a secret message?': This gal's copy of Taylor Swift's album was all kinds of weird
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'Is this a secret message?': This gal's copy of Taylor Swift's album was all kinds of weird

The excitement quickly turned to horror!

A die-hard Swiftie had the shock of her life when she played her new ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ record only to find the tracks replaced with different audio entirely.

Rachel Hunter from Staffordshire in the UK initially thought she was listening to a secret message from Taylor before she realised something was amiss.

Of course, she took to TikTok to show what happened. Instead of Taylor's angelic voice serenading her, she heard a voice saying things like: "There's 70 billion people on earth, where are they hiding?" Can anyone say creepy?

Turns out what Rachel actually got was a '90s dance music compilation. I mean, we all love a good throwback, but this was giving less ‘Enchanted’ and more ‘Haunted’...

So even though Rachel ordered the special edition vinyl through Taylor’s official UK website, It turns out Rachel's vinyl mishap was not as random of a mistake as you might think. 

According to Variety, It seems that the folks at MPO, responsible for manufacturing both ‘Happy Land: A Compendium Of Alternative Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996' AND some European editions of 'Speak Now', had a bit of a mix-up.

Whoopsie daisy!

But fear not, these sorts of misprinted albums have the ability to become pretty epic collector's items, and Rachel has decided to hold onto her unique copy. 

I mean, who wouldn't want a vinyl that combines the stunning artwork of Taylor Swift with the music stylings of '90s electronic goodness? Lol.

It's not the first mishap Taylor's fans have encountered recently. With her 'Era's Tour' hitting Australia next year, many fans were battling it out to get tickets, some succeeded, some failed and some accidentally purchased more than they had budgeted for.