Loyal Taylor Swift fan preparing for another 5 hours of misery trying to get Eras Tour tickets
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Loyal Taylor Swift fan preparing for another 5 hours of misery trying to get Eras Tour tickets

"Here we go again"

In a stunning display of perseverance usually reserved for marathon runners or adventurers summiting Mt Everest, a Kiwi Taylor Swift fan is preparing for another grueling experience of trying to get Taylor Swift Tickets.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale earlier this week for Swift’s Australian leg of her Eras Tour with millions of fans flooding the internet at once trying to secure a single ticket to the elusive show. 

“I sat at my computer, in the queue for 5 HOURS,” says the deflated Sally Susanson.

“At 1 hour in I thought I’d cracked it when my loading bar, stuck on ‘1 second remaining’ loaded in a way that just screamed to me ‘You’ve done it, you’re in, you’ve passed the test and your commitment has shown you truly deserve to see our queen in the flesh, like the glimmer of hope that she is”.

“But no,” says Sally, slightly tearing up at the memory. “It turned out to be the same as every other refresh before and after that, just a continuous cycle of hope and then heartbreak”.

While a few were able to thank their manifesting after securing tickets to Taylor’s Eras Tour, millions on millions, including Sally were left in disappear, knowing that have not acquired what we can pretty much refer to as the golden ticket, their only hope was the general tickets release.

“And that day’s today,” Says Sally with bags under her eyes. “I honestly couldn’t sleep last night. The thought of missing out on these tickets and knowing that my only option then will be to turn to the scalpers' $2000 tickets…. I ca- I just can’t even.”

So spare a thought today for the millions of Kiwis preparing to yet again endure another ruthless example of dedication all in the hope of buying Taylor Swift Tickets

“All I can say is right now, this is definitely not a love story” finished Sally, with a hint of hope still in her voice, “but when I do get the tickets, it will all be worth it.