A planeload of Taylor Swift fans were delayed and how they dealt with it is driving people wild
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What's Good

A planeload of Taylor Swift fans were delayed and how they dealt with it is driving people wild

“This would make my flying anxiety disappear."

Forget snakes on a plane, one airline experienced Swifties on a plane!

A group of Taylor Swift fans were onboard a packed flight that had been delayed, but instead of letting it get them down, they did what any group of fan girlies would  - start belting out T-Swift tunes like their life depended on it.

A TikTok posted by the fabulous Hannah Hazlett (@han._.haz) went viral and has totally divided the internet. It shows her flight en route to Salt Lake City from Denver passionately singing along to ‘Love Story.’

In the video, you can witness the beautiful moment Swifties record, sing, and use their phone flashlights for that perfect concert ambience. 

And if that isn't enough, even a Southwest Airlines flight attendant joined the party! Talk about an in-flight experience like no other.

Of course, TikTok being TikTok, the video has received an outpouring of love and positive comments from fellow Swifites. 

“This would make my flying anxiety disappear,” wrote one jealous commenter.

“The way I would’ve started to give everyone friendship bracelets,” wrote another.

While a third said: “These are the moments I live for. Strangers bonding is one of the most beautiful things to experience.”

However, others weren't too keen on the whole fan-packed plane.

One wrote: "OK enough is enough!"

"My worst nightmare," wrote another, and I get it. I'm a little scared of the stans too.

A third joked: "I would open the emergency exit."

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit it's an amazing display of peeps coming together to have a bit of fun!

I’m just hoping to see these types of scenes when it comes to flying across the ditch for the Aussie ‘Eras Tour’. I mean, that’s if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, let alone a flight.