Cord Cutting: the witchy trend that will help you get over your ex and slay the new year
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Cord Cutting: the witchy trend that will help you get over your ex and slay the new year

Be THAT witch for 2023 and beyond.

Can’t get over your ex? Want to move on from a friendship that went down the toilet? Then try out this new trend involving tying yourself up with string, brought to you by witchcraft!

Cord cutting is the name of the technique that’ll help you leave whoever or whatever in the past - not just your shitty ex, but any relationship that you just want to leave in the past. It’s “a very useful form of energetic cleansing used to help separate yourself from toxic people and experiences from the past or present,” Michael Cardenas, a writer for Hoodwitch and owner of Olde Ways Apothecary, told Vice. 

Basically, it involves visualising a cord connecting you to whatever’s in the past that’s keeping you up at night. Once you’ve really focused and truly believe in that cord, just snip it and you’ll move on, Michael swears by it. 

"Cut the cord. And I guarantee somebody else is going to come through and you’re going to attract someone from a completely different vibration and you’re going to have a better experience,” he said. 

Cardenas also shared a technique that literally involves snipping a cord in real life. One form of cord-cutting went viral on TikTok last year, but Michael's version is slightly different, the results are supposedly the same though. 

White sage, Florida water (not literal water from the US state, but alcohol-based-cologne), a fire-safe container, a black candle, scissors, and some black cotton thread/yarn are all needed, so a trip to the witch store (if there are any) may be needed. 

The first step on the way to a successful cord cut is opening all the doors and windows so the bad vibes soon to be released will have somewhere to eff off to. Then, burn that sage and spray that Florida water all over the place. 

After that, the candle is lit and the wanna-be-witch puts all their attention on whatever is they are trying to move on from, focusing on their purpose for undertaking this exercise. 

This is where it gets a little kinky. The feet are tied together using the black thread/yarn, with the witch saying “this is what blocks me from moving forward on my path”. After that, the wrists are now tied together and more words are said: “this is what keeps me from receiving all that I have been asking for.”

Once the feet and wrists are bound, the witch meditates on the bad memories from the past, letting the thread/yarn absorb all the toxicness. 

A feeling of readiness is supposed to wash over and even more words are said while the thread is cut:  “I release the ties that bind. I claim that which is mine. I move forward in light and freedom. So be it."

Florida Water is then sprayed over the witch and the now-cut string is burnt in the fireproof container and the ashes are buried a long way from wherever the ritual took place. 

Well, Michael, I hope this works. If I end up drunk messaging my ex this weekend I'm blaming it on you.