Girlfriend of the year surprises her man with NZ Warriors-themed surprise on their Bali holiday
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Girlfriend of the year stuns her man with NZ Warriors-themed surprise on their Bali holiday

well this is wah-dorable

Even though the One NZ Warriors have been on a bit of a losing streak, we all know that hardcore Wahs fan who is still sure it's "their year". 

One UK-born Christchurch gal found a unique way to celebrate her boyfriend's undying love for the team on their recent trip to Bali, and it's pretty g-damn adorable. 

When Francesa Barrett was booking accommodation for her and Scott Lopdell's first overseas trip together, she noticed the Balinese villas offered the option of paying extra for special 'pool decor' to be set up on arrival. 

Pool decor spelling out 'Up The Wahs' at Balinese villa

Usually the staff are asked to spell out things like 'I love you' or even 'will you marry me?' but Francesa bucked the trend with an 'up the Wahs' arrangement that left her bf stunned. 

"I thought, 'why not?'" she said. "It worked out as about $170 for the pool and bath decorations and a bottle of wine - which was actually pretty nice!." 

"He loves anything Warriors related, so he was pretty chuffed with the result," she added. 

Scott's mates chimed in with a few "she's a keeper" comments, but the best reactions came from their fellow holiday-goers, who were sure it must have been the couple's honeymoon or that they were getting engaged. 

Girlfriend suprises bf with 'up the wahs' decor

"He was getting an earful when he said no," she said. 

Francesca wanted to do something special for Scott to celebrate his first holiday in years since starting his business, Riverstone Concrete in Christchurch. She said she forced him to take a break, but that he was still fielding calls at 2am from eager customers while they were away. 

After a 2.5 hour taxi drive from the airport, the pair were so overheated they only waited 30 minutes before jumping in the pool, but the decorations lasted well into the next day when they were served their floating breakfast amongst the Wahs dedication. 

Earlier in their relationship, Francesca got a custom Warriors cake made for Scott, and says she's "working towards" becoming a proper fan of the team herself. 

Custom warriors cake

"Funnily enough we’re doing a 'Warriors tour'  for our next two trips, going to Auckland in June and then Brisbane in August to see them play," she said. "He even bought me my own jersey." 

As for when that engagement might actually happen? "Maybe if the Warriors make it to the final…" 

What a freaking sweetheart!