Here's heaps of stunning Mother's Day gift ideas for under $50 because cozzie livs and all that
What's Good
What's Good

Here's heaps of stunning Mother's Day gift ideas for under $50 because cozzie livs and all that

She won't miss out and you won't have to live on noodles for two weeks.

The love we have for our mums and mother figures is endless, but unfortunately our overdrafts are not. At a time when buying a block of cheese feels like a luxury, it's hard to find the cash for ANYTHING, let alone a fancy present. 

But Mother's Day is just around the corner, so we've sussed a bunch of actually very nice gifts that won't break the bank, or your mum's heart. 

Ofc, it's the thought that counts - so don't rule out something home-made or thrifted, but if you're after an easy and affordable little something to show mum some love, we got you. 

H&H Women's Soft Touch Lounge Set ($40) 
These are the definition of luxe for less. The Warehouse kindly sent me the dusty blue colour to try, and the fabric is so incredibly soft and buttery. Mum will absolutely live in this during the colder months - and they're a great dupe for much more expensive lounge sets. 

H&H Women's Soft Touch Lounge Set

Glasshouse Fragrances Enchanted Garden Perfume Pencils ($49.95)
This is exactly the sort of thing that'll make mum go 'ohhh isn't that clever?!' And tbh, you're probably gonna want to steal one yourself. These slim perfume crayons are so perfect for travel or to pop in your handbag, and they come in three of Glasshouse's best scents: Kyoto in Bloom (Camellia & Lotus), Midnight in Milan (Saffron & Rose) and A Tahaa Affair Devotion (Butterscotch Caramel & Jasmine). 

Paume Probiotic Hand Balm - ($36)
Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on hands, and if your mum is anything like mine, she uses hand sanitiser like its going out of fashion, which only adds to the problem of dry, cracked skin. This bougie hand balm has natural probiotic ingredients and will keep hands hydrated, as well as improving skin texture in the long run. 

Le Creuset Rhone Stoneware Coffee Mug ($35)
Yeah, she loves that 'i heart mum' mug you made at Paint the Earth when you were 6, but sipping her cuppa from a Le Creuset is gonna make her feel like a QUEEN. You can let her know the deep red-plum colour is inspired by the wine-making region of the Côtes du Rhône in France, which is bound to elevate those dreary winter mornings.  

The Beauty Chef Plumpers ($49)
If mum is keen to get amongst the latest beauty trends but finds the world of collagen a little overwhelming - these are perfect. Increasing collagen production is key to combating deep wrinkles, and these chewables are a sweet treat without any of the fuss of having to mix up a special drink. 

Circa Jasmine and Magnolia gift set - ($39.95)
Gift sets can feel a bit stale - but not this one. Circa's Jasmine and Magnolia fragrance is divine, and we all know everyone wants fancy hand wash, but will never buy it for themselves. This mini set also comes with a matching hand lotion and 60g candle, all beautifully presented.

Circa Jasmine and Magnolia gift set

Lego Flower Sets ($22.99 - $24.99)
Here's something a little different - a stunning Lego bouquet that won't wilt, lasts forever and looks quirky and cool. There are sunflowers, daffodils and roses to choose from, and it'd also be a perfect activity for little ones to join in on. 

Heilo Wines 2021 Pinot Noir ($40) or Mount Michael Pinot Noir ($45)
Give mum a break from fussing over the options in the plonk aisle at the supermarket by sussing her a lovely bottle of red that's a bit special. Heilo's Pinot Noir gives notes of baked berry slice, doris plum and savoury spice, while Mount Michael's offers dark cherries and adds a hint of clove and vanilla. 

A'kin Natural Hair Care  ($21.99)
You might not be able to afford a fancy treatment voucher for mum this year, but you could give her some Japanese head spa vibes in the comfort of her own home with these products. A'kin sent me some of their range to try, and the Deep Clean Shampoo and Scalp Scrub are seriously transformative - the mandarin and ginger fragrance is so refreshing and everyone asked me if I'd been to the hairdresser the day after I used them. 

Mana Wahine Oxfam Unwrapped eCard ($45)
Here's a winner for every mum who insists she doesn't want any gifts, or just says 'kindness' when you ask what's on the wishlist. Oxfam works to improve life for women in the Pacific and beyond, and their 'Unwrapped' eCard options are a sustainable, ethical, thoughtful gift that can help change lives. There are plenty of designs and causes to donate to, but the Mana Wahine one seems fitting, and helps women in need realise their power through access to education, resources and opportunities. 

Mana Wahine Oxfam Unwrapped eCard

Kit: Skinkind Face Oil ($46)
I've been taking my mum on a bit of a skincare journey as of late, and she's well and truly hooked on kit: products. For someone who didn't grow up with GRWM vids brimming talk of niacinamide and AHAs, kit: is natural, no fuss and still lovely to use. Their Skinkind face oil rebalanced burnt out skin while giving a serious self-care moment. 

We know Mother's Day isn't a happy day for everyone, so if that's you, we're sending heaps of love (and the suggestion that maybe you grab one of these treats for yourself) xx