The Warehouse just launched their own hair and body brand and nothing is over $8
What's Good
What's Good

The Warehouse just launched their own hair and body brand and nothing is over $8

AND there's a good cause involved

With cossie livs constantly getting us down, we're needing more ways to stay feeling and looking good on the cheap, and there's a new brand in town that might be able to help. 

The Warehouse have today announced their own health and beauty range called Good One, with 16 new products designed to be kind to your skin and your wallet. 

We're seeing things like haircare, hand wash, body lotion, body wash in three different scents, and all between $6-8. These are BIG bottles, too - either 500ml, 750ml or 1 litre, so you're getting legitimate bang for your buck. 

Good One Body Wash

If you didn't catch the Kiwi as vibe with the name 'Good One', you'll definitely get it with the fragrances, each inspired by a core NZ experience. 

'Day at the Beach' is coconut and mānuka Honey, 'Bushwalk Bliss' combines cedarwood and kawakawa and Garden Sunrise is a blend of mandarin and jasmine. They genuinely all smell divine, but 'Day at the Beach' is my favourite. 

What's really cool is that the products also actually contain natural NZ ingredients like kawakawa, honey and shea butter, which are great for skin and hair. Everything is made locally, too. 

Good One Hair Care

The Warehouse say they want the range to be "for every body and everybody", and as well as being available in stores around the motu, they're providing Good One product to Women's Refuge. 

Women's Refuge CEO Dr Ang Jury reckons the partnership will make a real difference to the hundreds of women that get help through the services every year. 

"Body and hair care is the last thing someone is thinking about when they leave an unsafe situation," Dr Jury said. 

"In most cases, women come to us with very little and the more small things we can sort out for them the less stress they feel… it will send a message that they are valued and deserving of products that many of us take for granted." 

Good One has plans to expand their range with things like lip balms, travel-friendly products and sustainable refills, and if they're anything like what I've seen with the first drop, I'm fizzed.