Here's how to do the Lensa AI avatar trend that's popping up all over Instagram
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Here's how to do the Lensa AI avatar trend that's popping up all over Instagram

What would a cartoon version of you look like?

Have you ever wanted to see what a cartoon version of you would look like? By now, you’ve probably been bombarded by some epic-looking cartoon versions of your friends or favourite celebs all over your social feeds, and it’s time to let the secret out that you can easily make your own too!

I spent a little too long looking into it last night and have decided not to gate-keep the trend from you any longer, so here’s how people are creating these AI (artificial intelligence) pics for themselves.

So, it turns out it’s not as tricky as I thought it would be, and it’s all down to one app - Lensa Editor.

Lensa allows you to create a ‘magical avatar’ of yourself from your camera roll. From the developer Prisma AI labs, the app will run whichever image you choose through an artificial intelligence illustrator, creating the digital art you’re seeing all over Instagram rn.

"This is not a filter or an effect," Prisma said in an Instagram post earlier this month. 

"These AI avatars are generated from scratch but with your face in mind. Upload 10-20 pictures, give it a few minutes, and get hundreds of artworks created by #artificialintelligence for you!"

Since then, AI avatars have become incredibly popular online - of course!

However, it doesn’t always work out the way you want, so it may take some trial and error like Youtuber LaurDIY, who posted her final results to Instagram - the more you swipe, the worse it gets.

The app itself is free to download and offers a free trial. However, it will cost you (NZD) $6.99 to try out the new feature and receive 50 AI images.