Shite hustle: TikToker explains how to earn six figures by donating ur poop (for science obvs)
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Shite hustle: TikToker explains how to earn six figures by donating ur poop (for science obvs)

Are you a quality crapper?!

If you’ve been thinking about a side hustle but can’t think of anything other than being a dog walker, well, it turns out there’s a new way to make a bit of dough on the side, and it’s one that anyone who's bold enough can try - selling your literal poo!

Yep, your fecal matter can be worth some cash according toTiktoker @isafidelino shared the “side hustle” on TikTok and revealed that will pay up to USD$500 (NZD$860) for a quality “stool donation”, the key word being QUALITY.

Of course, it’s all for the good of science, obviously, so your poop must be in pristine condition.

Your poop could earn you a whopping USD$180,000 (NZD$309,350) per year if you’re defecating every day - I’d be concerned if you weren’t.

What's even better is that the website accepts contributors from "anywhere in the world," as long as you can properly transport the goods.

Imagine the literal shit show of that going wrong…

Don't get too excited, though; it's obviously not as simple as you might think. The organisation wants samples from "those who are healthy enough to be high-quality stool donors," ideally "young healthy athletes" aged under 30.

Donors must be extremely healthy, however, it's not really clear what that means beyond being free of chronic illnesses and digestive issues, obvs.

Sorry to all my fellow IBS girlies or anyone else experiencing digestive issues, we’re going to need to sit this one out!

The payout is so high because apparently just a measly 0.1% of people actually qualify to provide poop. 

ATM, there is a worldwide lack of donors, and the organisation is in desperate need of them.

The plan is to “connect [donors] with doctors, researchers, clinical trials and individuals who need to rebalance their gut microbiome”. 

Good luck to anyone who can contribute their poo, and turn it into a side hustle, or should I say shite hustle!!