OnlyFans model explains how her 'head exploded' mid flight after cat eye surgery
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OnlyFans model explains how her 'head exploded' mid flight after cat eye surgery

"I heard this audible pop"

An OnlyFans model has shared a TikTok claiming that her head "exploded" during a flight after a neck lift and cat-eye cosmetic surgery.

In a series of storytime clips, Weronika described how she slept during a flight from Turkey to the UK and woke up with extreme pain in her ear and the back of her head, where she had multiple stitches from a recent cosmetic surgery.

"Everything was really hurting, I got up, went to the toilet, and I heard this audible pop," Weronika said, mimicking the sound of her incision popping open.

Eeek, that sounds like my worst nightmare!!

She continued: "Immediately after, I start feeling this hot liquid dripping down my neck, and I grabbed some towels and started wiping it up.”

"Obviously, it was blood but, the fluid that comes out of you is like yellowy with blood and like bits… it smells so bad," Weronika explained.

So how did it get to this point? In another clip, Weronika believes that her head had “swelled up to the extent that the skin was pulling apart, and the nylon stitches couldn't hold it anymore.”

She believes that the cabin pressure and swelling forced her incisions to burst apart, and "all the fluid just gushed out all in one go."

Mmkay, that’s going to be an image I’ll never get out of my head.

To try and fix the situation Weronika stuffed tissues into the headwrap she had on to soak up the fluid. She then returned to her seat, where she told her boyfriend what had happened - he must’ve got the shock of his life!

When she got home, she took a shower to remove the dried blood and emailed pictures of the wound in her head to her surgeon.

She said that she followed her doctor's advice and did not touch the wound while continuing to take antibiotics. She revealed to the audience that the wound did become infected.

Weronika, who owns the "Sculpted by Weronika" company that provides services like stretch mark guidance and compression guides, said to her viewers that the purpose of her original TikTok was to  "inform people about the unpredictable complications after surgery.”

If I’ve taken anything away from this, it’s that I never want major cosmetic surgery before an international flight - but let’s be real I don’t think I’ll be doing any of that any time soon.