So, is Ned from the Try Guys still together with his wife Ariel after the cheating scandal?

So, is Ned from the Try Guys still together with his wife Ariel after the cheating scandal?

The paparazzi pics says 'yes' but the fans say 'no'.

 Recent paparazzi pics of the couple at the centre of the drama show them still together with their wedding rings on, which kindaaa suggests the two are still together.

However, some fans on Reddit and Twitter analysed every part of every photo and video, and they are not buying it. 

Some believe the paparazzi shoot is a PR stunt, meant to divert drama while the two work out what the f they are going to do. 

“The way they’re walking seems to suggest it’s staged,” wrote on Redditor. “I find it fairly unbelievable that paps know the make and model of their car or license plate to follow them to somewhere clearly not their house.”

“It seems more likely that they called an agency and told them to meet them on this street and they’d get a shot of them walking and answering questions about their relationship, Not how neither of them were taken aback by the question really,” they finished. 

Another shared similar sentiments, saying:

“This smells like a pap walk to me. I simply can’t believe a pap was waiting by the car, in an area not buy their house… also that head-on shot at the beginning is almost always a giveaway they called the paps.”

Others are less conspiratorial in their thinking, remembering that Ariel has known about Ned’s cheating far before we did (as was revealed in the remaining Try Guys statement video) so has had plenty of time to process the news. They also have a family with two young kids, so she might just be looking out for them. 

“We have to remember that Ariel has known about this since the beginning of September, she has probably worked through a lot of emotions is thinking of her kids,” one fan wrote. 

“They have had 3 weeks to process this and plan their next steps,” wrote one more. “They are not in the same place with this scandal as the fans are… The interaction tells us nothing but that Ariel and Ned are people. We cannot make any conclusion about their marriage from this clip.” 

So, it looks like they are still together at the moment, even if it’s just for the cameras. Their whole brand and livelihood is built around being a happily married couple so it’s understandable why that’s the case.

Ariel has also talked about how forgiving she is on podcasts before so who knows, maybe she really has forgiven Ned.

Alex (who Ned cheated with) and her fiance Will are believed to have broken up though nothing is confirmed.

The two were together for TEN YEARS before the scandal, but when it broke he unfollowed her Instagram and went private. He’s now back public on the gram and getting a TON of support in the comments.