All the receipts from the Try Guys cheating scandal that makes it seem so obvious in hindsight

All the receipts from the Try Guys cheating scandal that makes it seem so obvious in hindsight

Wait till you see the lie detector tests...

It has been 24 hours since the bombshell of Ned ‘The Wife Guy’ Fulmer cheating on his wife dropped resulting in him being kicked out of the group and the internet has gone into overdrive.

Every second tweet I have seen since the news dropped has been Try Guy related. There are so many videos on YouTUbe and TikTok dissecting the drama, and their Reddit has blown up. And there has been a lot of stuff that, now the news has dropped, makes it seem so obvious something was going on. 

People noticed times when Ned and Alex (the other half of the affair) got a bit cosy on camera. 

Deuxmoi - an outlet that exclusively spills celebrity tea - received a couple of juicy submissions. One was a photo of Ned and Alex having a meal together in the middle of the day, shameless. Another was a looong text that suggests Ariel (ned’s wife) knew back in December of 2021, and that the rest of the Try Guys talked with employees.

ned and alex on date

Employees “said they noticed flirting, knew they had lunch hookups, stayed at each other's places occasionally, showed up to events together and had big feels something was up.”

ned deux mo screenshot

Then there are the other Try Guys dropping hints in their videos, which is just great content. 

There’s the time Keith, the tall one, said “this is a salad that like cheats on its wife” with Ned sitting next to him. Keith also called both Alex and Ned “liars” as well. 

The Try Guys have done multiple lie detector tests and these are the most blaring indicators of adultery in my opinion. 

Eugene gets caught lying when he says that he thinks Ned and Ariel will stay married. Ned admits that some of what he and Ariel do on camera is “just for show” AND gets caught lying when he says he keeps “no secrets” from the other guys. 

I could go all day with this stuff, there are so many memes I haven’t shared, the BuzzFeed employees saying we should not have been surprised (could’ve told us y’know) and Ned making his whole personality ‘The Wife Guy’ just reeks of infidelity.  And oh yeah, the fact that Ned and his wife ran a seminar at a university on RELATIONSHIP ETHICS. 

Honestly, watch this vid by 'thots n prayers' on YouTube for every bit of content suggesting something was up. 

The downfall of someone popular especially is normally widely embraced by the internet - schadenfreude for all - doubly so when it is as cut and dry as cheating on your wife and the mother of your children, guilt-free roasting babyyy. It leads to a whole lot of digging and looking back an