Apple just revealed a bunch of new iPhone features and you can FINALLY get ya ex outta old pics
What's Good
What's Good

Apple just revealed a bunch of new iPhone features and you can FINALLY get ya ex outta old pics

AND if you suck at keeping up with the group chat, dw!

Apple has dropped the most exciting update since we realised we could take 0.5 pics.

With its new IOS 18, the tech company is teasing AI features all throughout the iPhone - add it to the list of AI takeovers.

Apple is partnering with Generative AI, to merge Chat GPT into Siri, so when the virtual assistant is having its version of a brainfart, it’ll ask your permission to use Chat GPT to find a better answer.

Siri will now be able to dig through your emails, texts, and photos to fetch info.

Can’t be effed filling out an online form? Siri will find your driver’s license pic, snag the license number, and pop it into the web form. Easy as.

Worried about Apple snooping through your personal stuff? They promise to keep all 'on-device information' private, so, dw, your notes app is safe!

We’ve all got that one mate who refuses to send everything in one message and nothing is more punishing than scrolling through pages worth of dusty updates from the night before.

With the latest update, Siri will summarise them all in short for you.

One change that has been a long time coming, you’ll soon be able to schedule texts! Now there’s no excuse for forgetting to reply in the group chat or wishing your bestie a happy b-day.

And when your words can’t do a reaction justice, you’ll now be able to create any emoji you can think up. 

Apple announced the feature “will generate emoji-like reactions on the fly so that when you can’t find the one you want.”

Honestly, it sounds like a blessing but could be majorly concerning with the state of the internet… have you seen Gen Alpha memes? If they get hold of this, I fear none of us are safe from their, ahem, unique humour.

Finally, Apple has caught up to Google with AI, by giving us their version of a  Magic Eraser, the ability to erase a person from a photo - If my ex is reading this, it’s about time babes!

This update sounds epic, but let’s be real: will we even have enough storage for this chunky boy?

BRB, while I go delete 1000s of photos to try and make some room.