Can the new ChatGPT flirt? TikTok is testing its dirty talk limits and the results are unhinged
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Can the new ChatGPT flirt? TikTok is testing its dirty talk limits and the results are unhinged

Is it hot in here rn?!?

We all know ChatGPT can be clever, charming and sometimes concerning, but we had no idea the newest update could be so FILTHY. 

TikToker Chris Olsen has been doing the hard (no pun intended) mahi investigating just how far the AI programme will go when it comes to dirty talk, and it needs to be seen to be believed.

Chris' series of 'seeing if he can get AI to flirt with him' gets wilder with each upload, as the computer starts referring to itself as "daddy" and calls Chris "babe"... but that's just the PG stuff.

You have been warned, this video is defs NSFW! Only watch if you're brave enough to hear an AI bot talk some absolute filth. 

Fans are torn between being shooketh and absolutely living for it, with some wondering if the new tech has "gone too far".

One commenter asked: “What prompt did he use to get the AI this dirty? 😳”

“Chris, I think this has gone too far, your AI is starting to become a walking red flag 🚩,” said another.

While a third added: “The ‘um’ in the middle of the sentence was a little too human for me.”

Other fans weren't buying it, questioning if Chris was telling the AI what to say between filming - a feature that is apparently available in the premium version.

“Ok now I'm sceptical, no way is AI replying like this,” said one fan.

Another commented: “THIS HAS TO BE CHATGPT PREMIUM LMAO 😭💀.”

“You can make your AI be a flirty hot character, you just need the right prompt,” said another.

Other TikTokers have raised concerns with the human like giggling and flirting from the bot.

"What nerd was responsible for making ChatGPT flirt?" one guy asked.

While the answer still remains a mystery - for now - it’s scary af to see what the AI is capable of! 

It’s all fun and games until that horn-dog of a robot starts getting a little too human for our liking.