MAFS NZ: Brides and grooms find themselves in interesting 'positions' in sexy couple swap tasks
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MAFS NZ: Brides and grooms find themselves in interesting 'positions' in sexy couple swap tasks

The participants found themselves getting a heck of a lot closer in last night's ep.

This week on MAFS NZ, our brides and grooms decided to mix things up with a cheeky couple swap and let’s just say, some pairings found themselves in quite interesting positions - literally!

Barely a month into the experiment, the lovebirds were thrown into the deep end, swapping partners for a day.

Piripi Clarke and Steph Archer found themselves paired with their on-screen besties Kara Lester and Mike Wilson

But this wasn’t just any swap, this episode featured a steamy photoshoot and a bendy yoga sesh that got everyone tangled up like a game of sexy Twister.

“Mike has beautiful blue eyes,” Steph confessed. “I think he’s an attractive guy for sure…but he’s Kara’s husband," she reminded herself, lol!

Steph and Mike bonded over a yoga challenge where the bride literally had to superman style hang off Kara’s hubby with her legs fully wrapped around his waist.

Cue the #awkies moment when Piri found out. Props to him for taking it like a champ!

While Mike and Steph were practising their flexibility, Piri was busy calling lingerie-wearing Kara “a stallion” during their sexy photoshoot. 

Dressed in the ICONIC fur coat and sunglasses Mike has become known for, Kara aced her assignment. 

Then came Piri’s hilarious attempt to woo Steph with his, um, Pizza Box-covered package with an order of "extra sausage". We’ll leave you to fill in the blanks of where he got that inspiration from.

Thankfully, both couples emerged from this challenge with a laugh and some scandalous pics to show for it.

We can’t wait to see what other shenanigans they get up to in tonight’s ep on ThreeNow.