Met Gala 2024: The stunning looks and OMG moments - from elf ears to robot butterflies
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Met Gala 2024: The stunning looks and OMG moments - from elf ears to robot butterflies

Doja you did NOT just get out of the shower and hit the red carpet...

The MET Gala 2024 is off to a fabulous start. We've already seen Ariana Grande, Tyla, Bad Bunny and more walk the carpet, and let me tell you some celebs are absolutely ACING the theme and others have us screaming WTAF at our screen.

ICYMI - This year’s theme is all about 'The Garden of Time,' drawing inspiration from J.G. Ballard's short story of the same title. 

Alongside the theme, the Costume Institute is presenting its new exhibition, 'Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,' showcasing archival designs by HUGE names like Schiaparelli, Dior, Givenchy, and many others.

So with that, we're seeing LOADS of fantasy-esque designs packed full of loads of detail, unless ofc you're Doja Cat who has just been seen strutting a towel before hitting the carpet.


Ariana Grande
Ari is - as always - slaying with beauty and poise. She's rocking her signature cat eye, but the liner this time is some beautiful 3D wing-like pieces on her face. Can we EVER fault her? The answer is no.

Aside from having to be lifted up the stairs by some strong looking men, Tyla is rocking it as a sand kween. Her entire dress, if we can call it that, is made from literal sand glued to her body. 

And can we PLEASE talk about her hourglass purse - my eye's lit up as I audibly said 'WOW' at my desk. 

Doja Cat
STAWP! Doja I know you did NOT just jump out the shower and leave your hotel in an actual towel...

Okay, false alarm, but gal is actually drippin' wet!

Bad Bunny

Mona Patel
The butterflies on her dress ACTUALLY move - this is my 8-year-old princess dream.... Give her a round of applause!!

Kylie Jenner
Kylie gurl... I love you, but why are you leaving the hotel what looks like how I left my duvet this morning?!

Sydney Sweeney
Looking like Cinderella and Cruella Deville's love child - STUNNING!

Karol G
Colombian singer Karol G put some elf ears on to transform into her "fairy dream", she told Vogue.

Lana Del Ray
I simply have to know if walking around as a literal tree is as easy as Lana is making it look. Fit with branches, a net hanging over her entire body and even holding an apple - my guess is that she's just waiting for the perfect moment to snack.

Kim Kardashian
If snatched could get any more snatched... it's this X user's caption for me, lol!

Barry Keoghan
Is that Barry Wonka?! Someone call Timothée Chalamet and tell him Keoghan is coming for his role...

Our winner of the day! Zendaya - as always - has left us speechless!!

BRB while I go search out every possible angle of these celebs strutting the carpet...