Kylie Jenner crashing Emma Chamberlain's Met Gala chat is giving drunk girls' bathroom vibes

Kylie Jenner crashing Emma Chamberlain's Met Gala chat is giving drunk girls bathroom vibes

"We're all crying!"

One of the finest examples of pure girlhood in action took place at the 2024 Met Gala yesterday.

When Kylie Jenner interrupted Emma Chamberlain's Vogue interview with Sabrina Carpenter, I swear it created so magical feminine energy, somewhere a fairy got their wings. 

The youngest Kardashian sister, wearing Oscar de la Renta, couldn't help but give Emma a squeeze on the butt as she made her way past, prompting a series of joyful squeals. 

"Hi guuuuys!" she tells Emma and Sabrina, after which point it becomes almost impossible to understand a word being said. 

Doing my due diligence as a woman, I've watched this clip approximately 47 times, and have made out what I believe to be 'I love your look and I love your look!,' 'omg' and more 'hiiiii!' amongst the flurry of compliments. 

The interaction wraps up with Emma basically screaming 'YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL' at Kylie, before Kylie sends that same sentiment right back to her and Sabrina. 

"We're all crying!" Emma jokes as Kylie moves on. Carrying her dress behind her, two handsome suited men find themselves in the middle of the madness, blushing and smiling. 

Sabrina, also wearing Oscar de la Renta, finds herself as the woman too stunned to speak, overtaken with the feminine urge to giggle uncontrollably. 

If this isn't all of us in the line for the girls' bathroom at some club surrounded by women you met literally 5 seconds ago, I don't know what is. 

"I love being a girl!!!!" one of the comments on Vogue's video read. 

"The cutest video of the Met," said another. 

Others pointed out it was nice to see there was no beef between Sabrina and Kylie, given Sabrina opens for Taylor Swift, who just roasted Kylie's sister Kim Kardashian on her latest album amid an ongoing feud. 

To those suggesting Kylie was trying to steal Sabrina's thunder, one commenter said: "Women showing love to each other is a beautiful thing regardless how you feel about it. How do you dislike someone you don't even know personally? 😂 she don’t even know you exist 🤣 get a hobby." 

Yes. Queen. Now I'll be getting back to my hobby, which is replaying this video for the rest of the day.