MAFS AU: Ellie Dix SLAMS her ex Ben Walters, calling him the c-word in fiery Facebook comment
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MAFS AU: Ellie Dix SLAMS her ex Ben Walters, calling him the c-word in fiery Facebook comment

"The truth will come out.”

In the never-ending drama that is Married at First Sight Australia 2024, another couple has up and left the experiment. Ellie Dix and her on-screen hubby both called it quits, writing "leave" at the latest commitment ceremony.

But as the dust settles on their rocky telly romance, it seems some bitterness has loomed over their new romances since leaving the experiment. 

ICYMI - Ben finally penned “leave” on his commitment ceremony card after a rollercoaster of a week including an apology song that turned into a 2-and-a-half-hour-long conversation digging into everything he ‘dislikes’ about his wife

Under his rather large ‘leave’ was a message that went by faster than we imagine Ellie walked out the door. ‘What did that say?’ we asked. Welp, it turns out that in a final ditch attempt to not ruin his rep completely, Ben added a sweet message. 

“Ellie is still amazing,” he wrote. 

However, Ellie doesn’t seem to be on good terms with her former hubby, taking to social media to air her grievances in a fiery Facebook comment.

In the since-deleted message left under Ben’s profile picture of him and his new beau, Aileen.

 “Dear Ben, Ellie breaks her silence,” Ellie began.

“Did you forget we were friends on here buddy? Classic. I actually heard from Timothy [Smith] you were seeing Aileen before you went on MAFS (you told him at lunch when you were in Melbourne) talk about the pot calling the kettle black.”

SOURCE: via So Dramatic!

“I’ve been reading every horrible article you’re leaking about me and all the lies, and now the made-up list photo you sent to So Dramatic!,” Ellie added referencing the leaked list of Ben’s ‘why it’s not for me’ during their marriage.

“As for saying I was messaging another husband the entire experiment, again, more lies. You know it, I know it, the entire bloody cast knows it. The truth will come out.”

She finished the message writing: “It’s not a bad edit. It’s a mirror being held up, and for once, take some accountability for your behaviour… Accept that you look like a bit of a c**t on tele, and it’ll blow over.”

YIKES!! That is a statement and a half.

Ben has since locked his Facebook profile, and, you know what, it’s probably for the best.