MAFS AU: Ben Walters’ savage list of ‘why it’s not working’ with wife Ellie Dix has been leaked
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MAFS AU: Ben Walters’ savage list of ‘why it’s not working’ with wife Ellie Dix has been leaked

Not even the apology song could save him from this!

Married at First Sight AU Ben Walters' mega cringeworthy serenade to his on-screen wife Ellie Dix wasn't the worst of what went down in last night's ep. His full list of reasons as to "why it's not working for me" in their marriage has been exposed and it's BRUTAL.

ICYMI - Ben went MIA after the recent commitment ceremony where Ellie wrote 'leave'. When he returned, he had his pillow and guitar in hand, ready to apologise through a song that had us gritting our teeth. The couple being in the same room didn't last long though, as Ben was told to leave by Ellie after a tense conversation.

Ben allegedly spent a solid two hours digging into what he dislikes about his wife.

While the whole shit show went down off-camera, it was clear tensions were high as Ben didn’t want to talk to producers in the hallway.

In a confessional, Ellie said her TV hubby didn’t like that she’s from the Gold Coast among other things that simply don’t make sense.

“[He] was nitpicking at me. He didn’t like that I applied makeup, he didn’t like the fact I was 32 and he’s 39,” she said. “He didn’t like that I was sensitive or emotional and he’d also like a good conversation from me, apparently he’s not getting a good conversation.”

So Dramatic! go their hands on Ben’s full list of “why it’s not working for me” and the savageness of some of these has me gobsmacked. 

In the show, Ben told us it was his “notes and thoughts which evolved into song lyrics”. Let's just say we're glad these one weren't read out loud to a G chord.

Ben’s full page of notes, I mean, lyrics have also been leaked and oof, they’re a doozy.

In a bit of a plot twist, MAFS groom Timothy Smith reckons Ben Walters stole the lyrics from their conversation at the pub.

In an interview on The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G, Timothy explained Ben told him all the things that he was going to say to Ellie after their rocky night at the recent commitment ceremony.

“I said, ‘Look, if you say that, you will get absolutely slaughtered. At this point, you just need to fall on your sword’,” Tim shared.

“I didn’t realise he was going to turn my words into a song!”

And we sure damn wish he didn’t, Timothy!!

As for getting slaughtered, it seems that was unavoidable for Ben as he ended up on the wrong side of Ellie and from what we've seen so far has not returned to the apartment.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes of this major blow-up in tonight’s episode, but it is NOT looking good for Ben.