ASMR, skincare and Chris Luxon’s tongue: What the $320k National spent on social media got us
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ASMR, skincare and Chris Luxon’s tongue: What the $320k National spent on social media got us

Would pay that amount to erase his tongue from my memory.

Today, RNZ revealed that the National Party paid a social media agency around $320,000 to help with their TikTok game. 

Topham Geruin is the company that’s nine digits richer. Founded by former Young Nats Sean Topham and Ben Guerin, they’ve built a reputation from helping politicians such as Boris Johnson (UK) and Scott Morrison (Australia) rise to the top of algorithms and win elections. 

When interviewed about being hired to make content for the fight against Covid-19 in NZ, Topham said “Sometimes shitty memes are effective.” We here at The Edge agree (have you seen our socials?). 

So, with National’s Chris Luxon now our Prime Minister, we decided to go through his and the party’s TikToks and see the ‘shitty’ content that $320,000 went towards.

Get Ready With Chris:

One of the longest-lasting TikTok trends is ‘Get Ready With Me’, propping up the camera as you prepare for the day. Chris did just that before the election, revealing that “his morning starts with the shirt.”

Fred Again: 

One of the newest trends on NZ social media is begging for tickets to Fred Again. Our PM posted that he missed out and is “willing to give tax relief and a strong economy for them”.

That’s a common theme with the content, slipping in policies into whatever the latest Gen Z craze or trend is. 

Chris ‘Bald Glamour’ Skuxin:

This TikTok of Chris using the famous Glamour filter made me realise TikTok and politics is one of the weirdest necessary mixes of all time (gotta get those young votes!). 

It also still shocks me how realistic face filters are and they’re only going to get better, which really means worse. 

Skin Care Routine:

“Chris, you’re a good-looking bald man. How do you keep your skin in such good condition?” is the question that our MP was apparently asked so many times that he had to make a TikTok about his skincare routine. 

With a cheeky jab at Labour, he reveals it’s CeraVe and slapping sunscreen on his chrome dome. 

The Cursed Tongue:

Chris stuck his tongue out all 'UwU' style and it is the worst .5 seconds in internet history. Even if he wasn’t a politician it still would be. Literally no human, no matter what age or job, should ever make that God damn face. 

I have a physical reaction to his little pink slimy muscle squirming out of his mouth every time I watch it. It’s like he’s trying to flirt with whoever’s watching. 

Jake Paul Sucks!

After news broke that Jake Paul and Mike Tyson would be fighting, Chris reacted in disbelief before, saying that he, not Paul, is the “real fighter” because he's taking on inflation and stuff. 

The acting is sub-par in my opinion, as he lets out an “oh my goodness” that is very Collins from 'MAFS' coded. 


Yup, Chris tried ASMR. No words. 

Once you get over the fact they exist, the TikToks are funny. And he won the election so they work! 

I hate to think about the lengths politicians will go on TikTok in the next election.