This man is being praised for learning to do his GF’s gel nails - but he’s got some haters too
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What's Good

This man is being praised for learning to do his GF’s gel nails - but he’s got some haters too

#unrealistic or the definition of "if he wanted to..."?

One boyfriend has proved “if he wanted to he would” by learning a new skill for his girlfriend, but it has some people torn. 

Maintaining a stunning set of nails can be HELLA pricey, so what did one boyfriend do? He learnt the whole process for his girlfriend in order to save a bit of cash.

Footage of TikToker Jayshree @gelxdaddy has resurfaced and doing the viral rounds for going above and beyond for his girlfriends' nail maintenance.  

And he’s freakin’ fabulous at it too!

People Magazine recently reshared the footage with the caption: “More of this! 😩”

“This is his third time doing nails ever,” the girlfriend wrote in the video as he took his sweet and delicate time completing the mani.

It took him a good four hours to get to the final product but as many commenters pointed out it seems like the perfect opportunity for some quality time as a couple.

And it was sooo worth it!

SOURCE: @gelxdaddy on TikTok

It’s no wonder Jayshree’s OG video racked up over 24M views from gals who LOVE the effort he’s put in.

“Ok, where did you find a guy like this?” Asked one gal.

“Congratulations sis, you're winning 👏👏,” said another.

A third wrote: “Omg he is precious!! Now press copy a million times! Green flag energy for sure! ❤️”

“A great example of "if he wanted to, he would." Kudos to him for taking the time ❤️,” agreed a fourth.

But not everyone has been convinced that Jayshree’s GF has hit the jackpot.

One person was disappointed that the couple’s switch to an at-home service was taking business away from professional nail technicians.

"I get the point, but way to keep taking money from the pros," they wrote, giving Jayshree a whole new meaning as Mr. Steal Your Girl.

Another gave off heavy “don’t get too comfortable sweetheart” vibes, mentioning her ex “did clip hair extensions…he still cheated a year later tho".


While a third simply called out the “#unrealistic relationship goals."

Look, Jayshree might just be one in a million, but we’re here for the extra effort!