You can legit get a job as a Wicked Wing Taste Tester or Social Meowdia Officer on Trademe
What's Good
What's Good

You can legit get a job as a Wicked Wing Taste Tester or Social Meowdia Officer on Trademe

consider this my two weeks...

Work is back and, if you're anything like me, you just can't take it anymore.

According to Trademe, heaps of people feel that way, with job viewings on their site reaching a peak in the last week of January. So, they’ve sussed some dream gigs that would actually have you keen af to get to work.

One of the straight-up dream jobs is a friggin' 'Wicked Wing Taste Tester' for KFC. It's only a five-day contract, but those five days would be spent chowing down on the fast-food delicacy and getting paid for it.

“KFC is looking for a crispy chicken connoisseur to travel around Auckland KFC stores, tasting the Colonel’s finest Wicked Wings to ensure they are always fresh, crispy and delicious,” the listing reads. 

“The successful applicant will get a sneak peek into the iconic bucket and what goes into making deliciously crispy KFC Wicked Wings, before heading out around Auckland KFC stores.”

If your New Year's resolution was all about eating healthy, then that's probably not the job for you. You'll be more interested in the Social Meowdia Officer listing, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Online pet store Petdirect is looking for someone to create social media content showing off all of their puppies and kittens. This opportunity is also just for one week, but it'll be time spent surrounded by cats and dogs - AKA time spent in heaven.

“We're after someone with a practically purrfect understanding of social media, and ideally, a total obsession with pets,” the listing reads. “For five days, you will be creating content of cats, dogs and the people that love them, giving you the optimal opportunity to bring your pet content visions to life.”

We here at The Edge even need someone to help us out. If you #froth moshing, we need someone to report on gigs around the country for us. We’re talking free tickets to nearly every festie you can think of. Apply here if it sounds like a bit of you. 

Good luck with your applications (but not really because I NEED these on the CV).